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Inglés (contenidos para la prueba)

No description

Piera Lizama

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Inglés (contenidos para la prueba)

Family members
School materials
Have - has / do- don´t
Plural of nouns possessive adjectives.
Primo (a) =
Tía =
Abuela =

Hija =
Mother- Mom
Family members
Father- Dad
Hermano =
Hijo =
Tío =
Abuelo =
tu, tus — your (singular familiar) — Quiero comprar tu coche. (
I want to buy your car.
su, sus — your (singular or plural formal), its, his, her, their — Voy a su oficina. (
I am going to his/her/your/their office
nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras — our — Es nuestra casa. (
It is our house.
vuestro, vuestra, vuestros, vuestras — your (plural familiar) — ¿Dónde están vuestros hijos? (
Where are your children?

Es nuestro coche. (
It is our car.
Es nuestra casa. (
It is our house
Son nuestros coches. (
They are our cars
Son nuestras casas. (
They are our houses
Quiero comprar su casa. (
I want to buy his/her/your/their house
Quiero comprar la casa de él. (
I want to buy his house
Quiero comprar la casa de ella. (
I want to buy her house.
Quiero comprar la casa de usted. (
I want to buy your house
Quiero comprar la casa de ellos. (
I want to buy their house
Personal pronouns
To be
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