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it was a group effort

Aurora Borealis

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of censorship

Statement of Purpose
Our purpose in completing this exhibition project is to fulfill our goals of fighting for censorship. The amount of censorship in a society
could influence how we think or do certain things. More censorship could mean better behavior and wiser choices. Not only should you take action but you should influence others to take part in the fight of censorship as well.

Video Games
T.V Censorship
There's a lot of things we can learn on T.V whether good or bad. Parents, most of you only want your kid to see the good in T.V. You might think kid network's such as Disney channel,Cartoon network , Nickelodeon, etc. are the good things on t.v that kids should watch .They are, but here's somethings that have been happening on some of these networks.
A family-friendly show Good Luck Charlie features a character with two lesbian moms on an episode, the groundbreaking episode aired on Sunday, Jan. 26 2014 according to E news.
In the storyline, parents Amy and Bob Duncan (played by Leigh-Allyn Baker and Eric Allan Kramer) set up a play date for their preschooler Charlie (Mia Talerico) with one of her new pals, who happens to have two mothers.

Cartoon Network decided to pull the plug on a kiss between two gay characters on their new show Clarence, replacing the moment with a kiss on the cheek instead.
The show's writer, Spencer Rothbell, confirmed on Twitter what was actually supposed to happen in the scene between the two animated characters.
"Originally the guy had flowers and they kissed on the mouth," he said when a fan asked how hard it was to get a gay couple on the network. His tweets have since been made private.
By:Kayla Paul, Syed Balkhi,
Ashley Radford, Alexis Newberry, Natalya Ealy,and Rahiem Graham

Good evening, and welcome to our groups presentation on censorship. Censorship is a big problem for many people, especially children. Censorship is the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. Media has a tremendous effect on what we think and the choices that we make. Censorship has followed the free expressions of men and women like a shadow throughout history. Many countries lack censorship and we must spread awareness to get ALL citizens involved in finding more suitable stuff for our younger generation.

Questions and answers
Video game censorship is growing in the spotlight as technology grows. Most parents are just buying their kids whatever they want without reading the ESRB rating [entertainment software rating board].Here’s a couple normal teenagers Allegedly Eric Harris and Dylan Keloid, the two kids that mercilessly killed innocent victims, played violent video games at one point in their lives. Immediately thereafter, video games were blamed for causing the two kids to become murderously inclined. Games that are popular that include violence are GTA [grand theft auto] walking dead, and etc.
Q1: What Is Censorship?

Censorship is the practice of officially examining books,movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts.

Q2: Is Censorship A Problem In America And Other Countries?

Yes. According to npr. org, the top 10 countries that have the most censorship are Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Iran, China, Myanmar, and Cuba.
Charts, Graphs,
In conclusion to the question is censorship a good or bad idea? We have come to the conclusion that in some areas censorship can be a good aspect as it comes in use the most for protecting children. We don't think censorship should be used for adult concepts, as adults are old enough to make their own decisions if they want to view material or not. In some aspects censorship is good for reducing pedophiles and stopping child pornography shown on the internet. Overall censorship is a good idea for protecting children mostly. It stops children viewing and seeing content that will mentally, physically, and visually affect them. Censorship is necessary for the well being of all people on Earth.
Q3: What NEEDS to be censored?

Movies,Television,internet,and video games that contain religious, racial, and drug use in the content.
Q4: Should video games be censored? Why?

Video Games should be censored because there might be some inappropriate parts. Also, if kids see inapproopriate things in the game they might do it in real life.
Q5: Should the internet be censored? Why?

Yes because kids need to be protected from social media. because social media can change the way we think and make us do things that kids should not be doing.
Q6: Should TV be censored? Why?

Yes . People who play violent video games, or like to watch horror movies think that this is a way of life.For example, In the Columbine shootings at schools the police say that way the two boys invaded the school was very much like how the video games they played worked. THEY KILLED 12 PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO GAMES THEY PLAYED AND THE TV THEY WATCHED. The government could save lives just by censoring inappropriate video games
or violent t.v.
Q7: Is There Any Racial Profiling In Video Games?

Yes. In the game, Gta 5, the cops are racist to the only black playable character, Franklin. A person that played the game states that Franklin was walking down a street and suddenly white cops circle the in game character. Franklin puts his hands up, and the cops say that he has a gun and shoots him, even though Franklin did not have a weapon drawn.
Q8: Can censorship in the media change a person's mind about a culture of people?

Yes it can. Sometimes in the media it make a certain culture of people seem good or bad, when we are all equal.

Q9: Is there a connection between censorship in the media and student behavior at school?

Yes, due to lack of censorship many school children watch inappropriate material and then come back to school doing bad things and they start to think it is OK. Sometimes they can't tell the difference between real life and fantasy.

Q10: What Can I Do To Fight Censorship?

Stay informed. Know what is happening in your state legislature, local school and library boards, and city councils. Write letters expressing your view to your mayor, and your state and federal representatives and senators. Attend your local school and library board meetings.

Q11: What are the effects of censorship?

Many people agree that somethings need to be censored while others are outraged at the thought of any individuals work being censored. Exposing underage children to inappropriate and vulgar content can have negatave effects on a child. Adults have a much easier time choosing what to watch, and are able to work around inappropriate material.
Thank you!
Q12: What are the types of censorship?

Almost everything at some point could be placed underneath a category of censorship. Depending on where people are located and who or what is going on in your nation or even community, there are dozens of different forms of censorship implemented everyday including all of the following: Moral censorship, Political censorship, Book censorship, films, music, and internet.
At this time our group would like to thank all you lovely parents out there who took thier time to come here to see our presentation. Syed Balkhi,Kayla Paul, Alexis Newberry, Ashley Radford, Natalya Ealy,and Rahiem Graham are to be acknowledged for working as a team in putting together this presentation. We will also like to thank Mr. Ridgell, our teacher, Ms Thomson, and Ms.Duval for helping us and guiding us through our exhibition. Thank you again Mr.Ridgell for being an awesome teacher throughout the year.
Some of the things that need to be censored on the internet is religous,racial,and sexism comments pictures and videos posted online on the following common websites:
Internet Censorship
What is internet censorship? Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the internet. It may be carried out by governments or by private organizations at the behest of government, regulators, or on their own initiative.
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