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This is a book report on the book Schooled by Gordan Korman

Logan Jefford

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Schooled

Schooled By Gordon Korman Book Report Main Characters Capricorn anderson mRS.DONNELLY zACH POWERS hugh winkleman naomi erlanger sophie donnelly Rain ABOUT THE Book This book is about a boy named Capricorn that has never watched TV , eat pizza or even go to school. He had a person named Rain who would help him at home kind of like he's home schooled Then one day Rain was on a tree and she fell down when Capricorn was yelling her name. Then Rain broke her hip so she was in the hospital and Cap was sent to middle schoole. without Rain he could not learn anything. so that's when he met all those other people Hugh, zach and lots of people. ABOUT THE CHARACTERS Zach Powers Zach Powers is one of the kids that go to Claverage Middle School. But Cap took of the L on the sign so it said C Average Middle School and that's what everyone calls it now. Zach has done some means things to Cap but Cap has a way to come down about that like, Taking his shoes and nothin will happin to Cap he will either forget about it and just colm down and meditate. But at the end Zach sort of likes Cap he things hes pretty cool after words. Sophie Donnely Sophie Donnely is also one of other people that go to C Average Middle School. She is friends with Zach and also becomes friends with Capricorn. She has a mom in the book named Mrs. Donnely. She has a few of freinds in the book like Zach, Hugh and Naomi. Mrs.Donnely Mrs.Donnely is Sophie's Mother in the book. She Work at C average Middle School. But all she really does to get paid is check out the School like seeing what people are doing, But now since Capricorn had to go to middle school, Mrs.Donnelly has mostly been coming to the school just to see what Capricorn is doing. Naomi Erlanger Naomi is one of the popular girls that go to
C average middle school. She becomes friends with capricorn anderson and is friends with Sophie and Zach. She was mean to Cap in the start but then she started to like Cap. Like he was cool and would love to be friends with him.

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