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Imagine this is the first Language Arts Department meeting you will chair. Introduce yourself to your faculty and describe your goals for the department.

Hayden Roberts

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of OCCC

Hayden Roberts
Candidate for Director of Language Arts
@ OCCC My Vision A culture of sharing Promote creativity and cultural identity through course content and communication of ideas…namely writing Writing is a life-long skill and a necessity for career advancement in all fields High expectations in students by anticipating the same in faculty Goal to meet the basic needs of all students in an academic setting Among other things...
Substantive and constructive feedback
Timely communication
Class material is clear and relevant
Faculty attempt to engage students using a variety of teaching methods Illustrating my strengths What I bring 12 years in education Strong community ties Cultivate the strengths of others in order to help people meet goals Garner the assets of a team to meet common objectives Connecting the dots… Find commonalities in situations and challenges that can be bundled together to create directions and solutions Who am I? I grew up both in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but left Oklahoma to attend Sarah Lawrence College in New York... Educational Philosophy Every student is entitled to the best education possible no matter what level of experience they bring to the academic environment. All students deserve the benefits of becoming lifetime learners, which includes developing a passion for understanding themselves and the world around. Questions? Every program offered should challenge students to acquire new skills, self-knowledge, and competitive excellence. Good instructors should understand that they are responsible and accountable for creating a college community that includes students who are regularly engaged by faculty and has a strong civic life within a larger community. Lastly, each student deserves the benefit of respect, attention, informed skill, and critical evaluation.
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