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Literary Elements of Poetry

Definitions (22 words)

Luc Reynolds

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Literary Elements of Poetry

A Narrative poem is a
story told in a verse
Example: Once upon a time A free verse is a poetry
not written in a regular,
rhythmical pattern or meter.

Example: The dog ate food,
I like dogs
The End Denotation is a word
that signifies

Example: The dictionary
meaning of a word. Rhyme Scheme is
the pattern
of rhymes used
in poems!

Example:A-A-B-B-A Literary Elements of Poetry Imagery is the formation
of mental images.

Example: It was red and pretty. A simile is where
you compare two
objects that use like or as.

Example: Shine bright
like a diamond Figurative language is a
writing or speech that is
not to be taken literally.

Example: Your as dumb
as a doornail A metaphor is a figurative
speech in which something
is described if though it
were something else.

Example: BABY YOUR A FIREWORK! Personification is a type
of figurative language
in which a non human
subject is given human

Example: Dog- Helloooo O.o A lyric is a highly musical
verse that expresses the
observations and feelings
of a single speaker.

Example: Doodedadeedoo A concrete poem is one
with a shape that suggests
a subject.
Example: A picture of a
cow about cows. A Haiku is a three lined
Japanese verse form.

Example: I like cheeseburgers,
They are so freaking tasty,
Thanks, now im hungry! A ballad is any
light, simple song.

Example: Lalala A Limerick is a humorous 5 line
poem with a specific meter and
rhyme scheme.

Hahahahahahaha Stanzas are fixed numbers of verse
lines arranged in a definite
metrical pattern.

Example: I love to write poems. A stanza break is a break
of an arrangement of a certain
number of lines usually 4 or more.

ABAB A refrain is a regular
repeated line or group
of lines in a poem or song. Variation is a wide
spread of things. A Rhythm is a pattern
of stressed or unstressed
syllables in spoken or
written language. A meter of a poem is
the rhythmical pattern. Rhyme is when 2 words at
the end of a poem sound
the same. By: Luc Reynolds, Chandler Lakes, and Dawson Chambers >:D Hi Thanks For Watching >:D The End!!!! Example: Roses are read,
violets are blue, im bored,
how about you. Example: Boom ba dump
boom boom ba dump Example: When the stanzas are different. Example: Stressed word,
unstressed word, stressed
word, etc.
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