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The Hunger Games: Animal Cell Analogy

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Isabel D'Allura

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Games: Animal Cell Analogy

The Hunger Games:
Animal Cell Analogy

The Capitol surrounds the districts with power and authority, keeping everything in place even if it's not the best for the outer districts. Like the cytoplasm, the Capitol holds the organelles(districts) in place.
The cornucopia absorbs the tributes during the Games because the weapons and supplies draws them near and makes them go into the middle of the bloodshed. The microvilli in a cell absorbs substances within the cell that it needs to live.
In the Games, ointment is sometimes rewarded to seriously injured tributes who win the favor of the Capitol people. It wipes away any unwanted bacteria and heals the injury overnight. The cilia inside the animal cell wipes away anything that comes into contact with the cell.
The game makers control what happens within the arena and determine if the tribute should more in or out of an area. The cell membrane within a cell allows only certain substances within the body.
"May the odds be ever in your favor."
The tracker-jackers are genetically engineered wasps that make the tributes move when or if attacked because of how lethal their venom is. The cilia on an animal cell allows it to move within a body so it is not immobile.
The travel pack Katniss and the others carry stores the materials they need to survive. The vacuole in a cell stores materials the cell needs for its own survival.
The audience who watches the Games provide the unwanted attention to the Capitol. The Capitol loves knowing the people watch, giving them a way to to use the families against the tributes.
Each district within Paneam has its own specialty. The products made keeps the districts themselves alive and working, even if some of them are worse than the others closer to the Capitol. The powerhouse of the cell is the mitochondria. It gives the cell energy to go through with its everyday processes.
Katniss plays a large role in the Games. With her archery and survival skills, she controls her own way rather than the gamemakers in some cases. The nucleus in a cell is the brain of the cell, controlling what happens within it.
The bow is one of the many weapons found in the arena. In Katniss's case, it controls who or what she overcomes to live another day and it provides her with the protection she needs. In the cell, the nucleolus provides the rest of the cell with proteins to keep it healthy. Meaning, the healthy organelles keep the cell operating and protected from foreign substances.
When finding water or other resources, Katniss follows trails damp with moisture and full of obstacles. These paths take her through all parts of the arena, making her days long and full of hardships. In a cell, the Rough ER transports materials throughout paths in the cell to the different organelles.
The train that transports the tributes goes between the districts. This helps with taking the chosen group to the Capitol where they are trained for the arena. The Smooth ER also transports materials throughout the cell. It does not produce proteins like the Rough ER.
Katniss's prep team helps her fit in with Capitol life while she is there. Even before the Games, they make sure she is dressed according to the terrain and for the interviews she has to do beforehand. The Golgi Body sorts, organizes and packages proteins so that they are ready to go out into the cell.
In the cell, lysosomes break down materials. The fighting between the groups and individual tributes breaks down the number of people in the arena and the safe places they can go.
Family keeps Katniss together as she fights to live. It keeps her fighting for Prim, Rue and the ones she cares about. The cytoplasm within the cell holds the organelles in place, keeping them still as the cell moves.
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