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How to use an adjective ending in ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’???

How to use an adjective ending in ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’???

Onycha Toto

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of How to use an adjective ending in ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’???

S6 Group 2 How to use an adjective ending
in ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’??? Adjective ending in -ed Adjective ending in -ing We can use -ed adjectives to say how we feel about something or someone. I was confused by the findings of the report. Example Working hard all day is tiring. Example verbs Part of speech We can use -ing adjectives to say how
something or someone makes us feel. Zoe’s job
is boring. Zoe is bored.
(with her job) She felt tired after working hard all day. Dogs often feel frightened during fireworks. She ‘s bored of doing the same thing every day. He is excited to win
the football match.

The football
match is exciting. We find the play interesting. I heard a very amusing story. There are a lot of road signs .
It is all very confusing. adjectives(-ed) adjectives(–ing) interest excite amaze bore worry interested excited amazed bored worried interesting exciting amazing boring worring Part of speech adjectives(–ing) frighten verbs annoy confuse confused confusing annoyed annoying frightening frightened adjectives(-ed) shock shocked shacking depress depressed depressing Questions Are you _? Are you _ ? A. tired
B. tiring
D.interesting A Excellent! It was (?) to go shopping
in Paris. A. enjoying
B. enjoyed
C. shocking
D. shocked . Great! A Blair was (?) to get
married and wear the wedding dress designed by Vera Wang. A. excited
B. exciting
C. disappointed
D. disappointing . Well done ! A Some people are (?)
by Audrey’s beauty. A. shocked
B. shocking
C. amazing
D. amazed Wonderful! D The songs of westlife is (?). A. shocking
B. relaxingC. shockedD. relaxed Very good! B THE END
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