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AE Group Holding Limited Profile

AE Group Holding Limited Profile

Samuel Lee

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of AE Group Holding Limited Profile

About Us
AE Group Hohlding Limited ("AEG"), incorporated in January 2009, is a multinational conglomerate holding company registered in Singapore and headquartered operation in Malaysia owning subsidiaries engaged in a number of diverse business activities.

Formed by a few group of venture capitalists and business consultants from Singapore and Malaysia, we are a holding company with a mandate to identify and acquire new and high-yielding businesses through mergers and acquisitions. AEG core objective is to continuously build its consumer database to a critical mass through selective mergers and acquisitions.

AEG is engaged in the global remittance business (money transfer), foreign exchange, funding program, internet telecommunications, advance technologies, real estate properties, energy generation and gold mining as well as supply chain distribution businesses.
Fast Forward
In order to achieve the most efficient use of its consumer database, AEG offers extensive range of products and services to its investors. Shares issued to investors gain higher share value and dividends payout through consumption of AEG’s offerings by its ever-increasing consumer database.

AEG is also committed to work with the European and Asian entrepreneurs, to build world class business with significant development impact on the global economies.

AEG is growing bigger by merging with Advanced Ventures Corporation (ANCV), a NASDAQ public listed company from United States of America. AEG will acquire 80% of company shares of ANCV and AE directors’ shares will be exchanged directly with ANCV. A press conference will be conducted by next year March 2014 to sign the MOU.
Property Investment
We Explore, We Exchange, We Expand
Our Investment Focus
AEG and its affiliated companies is also a privately held property or real estate investment firm. Our investment strategy seeks exceptional returns by selectively buying under-performing and distressed worldwide real estate assets, with a focus on properties in the international market. We mitigate the risks inherent in the current downturn by purchasing properties for below intrinsic replacement cost and normal market value.

We focus on properties that have the greatest opportunity for cash-flow growth and appreciation in value. Unlike other investment firms, we take a decidedly hands on approach to investing. Through our affiliated property management, lending and realty companies, we actively purchase, finance, lease, maintain, manage and sell our properties, ensuring that we extract the most value for our investors.
Charity Event
Exploring Possibilities,
Exchanging Opportunities,
Expanding Capabilities!

Always Creating Value For People
Successful start here!
AE Residential Hotel
All our guests will be welcomed and stayed in our AE Residential Hotel. Our luxury service hotel is located next to the Mines Resort City and Bluwater Estate. Inspired by the amazing beauty of Venice in Italy, AE Residential Hotel sitting on 9.5 acres of land featuring Venetian-style canals and a man-made cove.

Feel transported into another world, as you ride a water taxi to the Komuter service to the city centre. If you are in the mood for romance, pack a picnic basket and have a leisurely stroll along as you look at the romantic moonlit lake. There are many shopping, entertainment and eating facilities within walking distance.
Always Creating
Value For People
Money Investment
Venture Capital
Property Investment
Malaysia My Second Home
Traveling, Recreation,
Entertainment, Education
Healthcare, Hotel & Resort
Technology Investment
Mobile Payment Gateway
Advanced Technology
GPS Tracking
Smart Shopping
Product Investment
Seed Funding Program
Prototype Development
Product Commercialisation
Media & Advertisement
SME Loan
Mining Investment
Gold Mining
Charity &
AE Foundation
UNICEF Children
Charity Event
Donation Contribution
Business Advisory Services
SwipyPay Videos
Smart Shopping with
SwipyPay Videos
Mobile Payment
Indoor GPS &
SwipyPay MIT
Smart Payment
Online Shopping Multi-Stores
Connected Business Videos
On The Move
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