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jaylynn nelson

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Kansas

State Bird
The Western Meadowlark is a familiar songbird of open country across the western two-thirds of the continent. In the same family as blackbirds and orioles, adults have a black and white striped head; long, pointed bill; yellow cheeks; bright yellow throat; and a distinctive black "V" on breast. The western meadowlark is often seen perched on fence-posts in grasslands and agricultural areas singing its distinct 7-10 note melody (their flute-like song usually ends with 3 descending notes).
State Animal

The plains bison, or buffalo, roams Kansas today on private land and in state parks. The American Bison was named the official state animal of Kansas in 1955.
Professional Team
The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team.They are a member of the Western Division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League.
State License Pate
This is the official license plate for the state of Kansas as it has been officially adopted by the state legislature. Also known as a vehicle registration plate, it is used to identify the car and owner of a motor vehicle or trailer in the state.
State Seal
The symbols on the official state seal of Kansas were specified by the first Kansas legislature in 1861 (the year Kansas became one of the United States).
State Flag
The state flag of Kansas (adopted in 1927) features the Kansas state seal on a field of dark blue. Above the seal is the state crest - a sunflower .
State Flower
Kansas recognized the sunflower as official state flower in 1903 (the sunflower is also featured on the Kansas state quarter, state flag, and the nickname for Kansas is "The Sunflower State).
Kansas State Governor
Samuel Dale "Sam" Brownback (born September 12, 1956) A member of the Republican Party, he served in the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1996, representing Kansas's 2nd congressional district, and was then elected to the United States Senate, serving Kansas from 1996 to 2011. He ran for president in 2008, but withdrew before the primaries began and endorsed the eventual Republican nominee, John McCain.[1][2][3] He was elected the 46th Governor of Kansas in 2010 and took office in January 2011.
State Motto
The state motto of Kansas is Ad astra per aspera (To the stars through difficulties). The state motto can also be seen on the Kansas state flag and state seal.

How Old Kids Have To Be To Drop Out Of School
It used to be 16 with or without parental consent. now its 18 or 16 WITH parental consent. UNLESS you have your GED or alternative educational plans. Which you have to be 16 to get your GED.
State Hood
January 29, 1861 Kansas became a state.
Kansas designated the honeybee as official state insect in 1976.The honeybee is recognized as an official state symbol in seventeen states (see State Insects), primarilly because honeybees play such an important role in agriculture.
State Insect
State Reptile
Ornate Box Turtle. In observance of the 125th anniversary of Kansas statehood, a sixth-grade class in Caldwell decided to nominate the ornate box turtle as the state reptile.
State Gemstone
What It Is Known For
Kansas is known for sunflowers, vast fields of wheat, seemingly endless plains, and, historically, such frontier cattle towns as Dodge City and Abilene.
State Song
The original title of "Home On the Range" was "My Western Home." Dr. Higley wrote the words in 1871 or 1872. There seem to be many different versions of this song around. Perhaps this is what the Kansas Legislature was concerned about when it wrote "...as originally written..." into the law.
Natural Resources
Some of the natural resources in Kansas are: Petroleum, Natural gas, Helium, Gypsum, Salt, Sand and Gravel.
Kansas KAN-zəs is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe which inhabited the area.
January 29, 1861
When It Became A State
Kansas's continental climate is highly changeable. Kansas's continental climate is highly changeable. The average mean temperature is 55°F (13°C). The record high is 121°F (149°C), recorded near Alton on 24 July 1936, and the record low, –40°F (–40°C), was registered at Lebanon on 13 February 1905. The normal annual precipitation ranges from slightly more than 40 in (101.6 cm) in the southeast to as little as 16 in (40.6 cm) in the west; in Wichita, average annual precipitation (1971–2000) was 30.4 in (77.2 cm). The overall annual precipitation for the state averages 27 in (68.6 cm), although years of drought have not been uncommon.
We’re known as part of America’s Breadbasket, but more people in Kansas work in manufacturing than in agriculture. Top companies like Cessna, SpiritAerosystems and General Motors locate here because they know Kansas is a leader in supporting advanced manufacturing through education, business incentives and a positive business climate.
Melvern Dam is a rolled earthfill embankment with an impervious clay core making the dam nearly watertight. The dam extends 9,700 feet and rises nearly 125 feet above the river valley. The lake elevation is maintained via a series of hydraulically operated gates located at the bottom of the control tower. The lake water passes through a conduit for approximately 754 feet before entering the Marais Des Cygnes River.
There are several mountains located in Kansas United States. Some of these include Mount Sunflower which is the highest peak in the state, Rock Hill, Red Hill, Twin Hills and Pawnee Mound.
Kirstie Alley
Kendall Schmidt
State Rivers
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