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Clean Up Jakarta Day Presentation

No description

Angela Richardson

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Clean Up Jakarta Day Presentation

Who are our previous sponsors?
CUJD 2015
A maximum of 50 clean-up (closed and open) sites in Jakarta
Online registration process for open sites
Dinas Kebersihan DKI Jakarta will be picking all the rubbish in DKI and locations in Tangerang will be picked up, recycled, composted, and incinerated by Abu & Co.
30% of all the rubbish was recyclable and donated to the city's waste banks via Dinas Kebersihan Lingkungan DKI
Did you know?
Jakarta produces over 6,700 tonnes of rubbish a day.
In 2 hours, we collected 10,000 sacks of rubbish totalling around 100 tonnes!
Our actions: CHANGE
Educating volunteers
Clean Up Jakarta Day is an annual event organized by Indonesia Expat that brings together communities, schools and companies, all as volunteers, through the Indonesian tradition of 'gotong royong'.
When and Where?
What will we be doing?
Why become a Sponsor?
Who will be involved?
CUJD 2015: 10,000 volunteers
By involving the community in a clean-up, we can spread the message that it is everybody’s job to keep this city clean, not just the job of the street sweepers, pemulungs, and rubbish men and women.
We want people to understand how detrimental littering can be, and in turn spark an awareness of the importance of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
- Lyana Margareth, Sudirman Team
"I will think about what I throw away from now on and start separating my waste at home."
"I never thought I would feel so much from doing something so little."
- Tamie, Kemang Raya Team
Very soon after CUJD 2013, Jokowi passed a new anti-littering law with a Rp.500,000 fine.
Deputy Governor Ahok is now in talks with companies to come up with a recycling scheme for Jakarta.
When we unite, we have a VOICE. Let's use this to INSPIRE CHANGE for a BETTER JAKARTA!
The Media
The Government
A city-wide cleanup, separating recyclables from non-recyclables
Educating volunteers
Educating members of the public
Giving a sense of responsibility to volunteers
Bonus: leaving streets clean!
Sunday October 16th, 2016
6am - teams gather
7-9am - cleaning up
9-10am - rubbish is picked up
At 50 locations around Jakarta
CUJD is a great
CSR programme
for your business
Your employees can get
involved hands-on
CUJD Sponsors are entitled to a
clean-up site in Gelora Bung Karno
for up to 1,000 volunteers, complete with a booth
CUJD is a great
You will receive

on-site and through a variety of medias
You will be helping to change mindsets and
raise awareness
of the problem of trash and littering
The Ciliwung River is one of the most polluted rivers in the world

That's the equivalent of one Borobudur Temple made of trash in just two days!
needs you!
Influential people who clean up with us
CUJD Ambassadors
Marissa Anita
is a news anchor (NET TV), actress, radio show host, and journalist. She is an avid supporter of Clean Up Jakarta Day and is continuing to support the cause in 2016.
Mike Lewis
is an actor, television show host, and all-round artist. He joined Clean Up Jakarta Day 2014 because he felt he wanted to give back the city that he loves. Mike will be volunteering again in 2016.
are one of Indonesia's most well-known rock bands and were very much involved in Clean Up Jakarta 2013. They are also Ambassadors for Jakarta Aksi Bersih. Slank will be actively supporting CUJD in 2016.
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