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The Battle of Gettysburg

No description

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of The Battle of Gettysburg

Over View of The Battle
Casualties- 23,000
General- George Meade
Who Fought?
What was the Battle of Gettysburg?
Took place at Gettysburg, PA
Lasted 3 days
July 1st-3rd, 1863
Day 3 of The Battle
On July, 3rd, day three of the battle, the soldiers involved would be apart of the largest engagement of the war that would be cinematic. Confederates under the control of General Pickett lead a large scale attack on the center lines of the Union defense at Cemetery Ridge. In the morning though, Confederate rebels tried to attack the right flank at Culp's Hill but failed at this again. First, a long artillery bombardment blasted Cemetery Ridge and then Pickett's division, followed by 15,000 other men ran through the open fields leading to Cemetery Ridge. By the time the Confederates were able to make it to the Union line, they were split up into little units by hundreds of whizzing Union minnie balls and cannon fire. This is where the Confederates failed, and they were unable to breach the Union line. The only thing that Pickett's infamous charge accomplished was the end of the battle. Lee retreated his troops into Virginia and never threatened Northern territory again. Both sides had massive amounts casualties; the Union lost 22,000 brave men and General Lee lost 28,000 of his 75,000 soldiers.
Day 1 of The Battle
The quick clash first started off as a skirmish, but soon turned into a large scale battle. After the first couple hours of fighting, the Union troops learned that they were outnumbered and were getting pushed back farther and farther into the town and soon were kicked out. Quickly, Union soldiers fled south of the town and recovered on the high ground, awaiting the arrival of reinforcements. As more troops arrived, Meade's army formed a three mile long fish hook that started at the base of Little Round Top and lead into Cemetery Ridge and along Cemetery Hill. While Union troops formed this fish hook defense, Confederates held the town of Gettysburg and began the movement of their six mile long arc around the Union army. Confederates continuously bashed each edge of the Union defense.
Day 2 of The Battle
The Battle of Gettysburg
General George Meade
General Robert E. Lee
We are red on the map
Our positions are in blue!
As Confederate soldiers marched across the soil into Union territory, they heard of a stockpile of shoes that were being held in Gettysburg, PA. Meade took command of the Army of the Potomac as Lee's army moved into Pennsylvania, and as Confederates marched towards the outskirts of Gettysburg they were met with Union soldiers. The contact and shots being fired echoed around town, and so other units were attracted. By evening, the bloody battle was raging.
On the second day of the battle, the Union army held strong positions from Culp's Hill to Cemetery Ridge. Lee ordered his generals to attack the Union from the left flank, and to attack from the rear; Culp's Hill. The attack was meant to be done early in the morning, but General Longstreet didn't position his men until four p.m. They waged the bloody battle on Sickle's line that led from Devil's Den to a peach orchard, and then to a nearby wheat field. Now, Culp's Hill was steep and heavily wooded and General Richard Ewell's men were defeated and repelled by Union soliders. Because of General Longstreet's delay on attacking, Union reinforcements were able to arrive at Cemetery Ridge and defeat the Confederates badly planned attack. On the Union's left flank, General Sickle moved his core into open ground in the peach orchard against Meade's orders. This terribly thought move allowed for General Longstreet to attack Sickle's core, that was cut off from the rest of the Union army. The Confederates slaughtered the ignorant Union corps and held control of the peach orchard. This day was one of the fiercest and bloodiest battles out of the three days. Each army suffered heavy casualties, that were caused by brother against brother, face to face, bayonet to bayonet, unjust warfare.
General Sickle
General Longstreet
Casualties- 28,000
General- Robert E. Lee
Now please welcome our special guest, William H. Klock! A vetern of the Battle of Gettysburg!
Battle- July 1st-3rd
Place- Gettysburg, PA
Union Victory!
How did it start?
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