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Evan Grubis

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Japan

The population of Japan is 127,253,075 people. That is the tenth largest population of a country in the world.
Games and Sports
A unique sport in Japan is Judo. Unlike other martial art forms, this one doesn't use punching or kicking. Another sport is sumo wresteling.
The common diet of people in Japan is rice, seafood such as fish, and fresh vegetables.
Japan's flag is known as the Rising sun or the Hinomaru.
By: Evan Grubis
and Cameron Ahles
People in Japan get around a lot alike us americans. They use cars, planes, buses, subways and trains.
Getting Around
The main spoken language in Japan is Japanese. Other languages are Okinawan and Korean.
Did you Know that chips and candy are not the only things you can get in a Japanese vending machine.
Culture Facts
Cameron: Mostly all of the research

Evan: Mostly all of the technical stuff (the prezi)

Most Japanese people practice a combination of Buddhism and Shinto, a religion based on ancient mythology
A widely popular art form in Japan is anime and manga
def: feeling intense excitement
and happiness
def: marked by or given to sulking
Sumo Wrestling in the USA
Judo in Japan
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