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P 248 Presentation

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Cody Barth

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of P 248 Presentation

Vygotsky: Zone of Proximal development ZDP- One persons abilities are not limited by their age but rather their gain from others. Simply Put; They achive at their highest rate when their challenges are just outside of what they already know. Piaget: Age defines knowledge based capabilities There are four basic ability groups with piaget Sensory Motor (birth-2)
Pre-Opperational (2-7)
Concrete Opperational (7-11)
Formal Opperational (11+)

Sensory Motor: Begins to do things intentionaly Pre-Opperational: Thinking is egocentric Concrete Opperational: Able to classify and organzie ideas well Formal Opperational: Things logically, achives higher level thinking frequently. Recess is fundamentaly important for two reasons: They benifit physically Recess gives children a chance to play and work muscles while doing so They benift Mentally Children who fraternize at recess do more than make new friends and play with old friends. The pure act of interacting with other develops a more funtional mind and frequently leads to more accepting children. ZDP at Work Piaget's 4 stages at work Recess at work Vygotsky, Piaget and Recess One thing they both agree on... Questions or Coments?
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