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Medha Sesham

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of

Meeting #3
Board Members
Medha Sesham- President
Purvansh Patel- Vice President
Nicky Patel- Secretary
Rootul Kakadia- Secretary
Taha Din- Treasurer
Bhvani Nakum- Treasurer
Tushar Sharma- Web Master
Krishna Patel- Meeting Coordinator/ Publicist
Kinjal Thakkar- Historian
Nishi Parikh- Historian
Jamba Juice
Jamba Juice will be at BHS during lunch periods (4-7)

Date Is Yet To Be Finalized
Basketball Night
First Fundraiser of the Year!

3 v 3 Basketball Tournament

$10-$15 per team

3-4 people per team

Date Yet To Be Finalized
OutReach Wear




If you have any ideas please be creative and send your designs to
Name Change!
CoExist has officially become OutReach
Basketball Night
Need Sponsers for Half Court Shots

Each Participant has a Sponsor Sheet

Sponsor donates $15 or More (up to Sponsor) Per Shot You Make

Operation Smile

International children's medical charity that helps children with cleft lips and palates


One time donations can be given, as well as monthly and yearly

In 2012, 73.2% of all donations went directly to programs, while 20.6 % was spent on fundraising, and 6.2% for administration expenses.
Joy Home for Children

Orphanage located in Hyderabad, India


Home to 47 children

Every donation has a ‘Cross-Border Fee’ of 0.5%.
African Orphans Foundation

Provides education, food, clothing, and shelter for orphaned girls in Africa


Helps educate children in India


Pratham USA spends 6% of its revenue on fundraising and administrative expenses. The rest of the funds raised go directly to Pratham (India), which spends 95% of its revenue on programs.
Save The Children
Aids people by providing food, medical care and education and remains to help communities rebuild through long-term recovery programs.


Also helps children with on-going struggles such as poverty, diseases, and hunger
Next Meeting
Meeting is next Thursday ! Hope to see all of your beautiful faces there ! (:
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