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Human Papilloma Virus [HPV]

science presentation

Jack Harre

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Human Papilloma Virus [HPV]

Human Papilloma Virus
also known as HPV
HPV is a sexually transmitted virus and is transmitted through skin to skin contact
This is what the HPV virus looks like
HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that's transmitted by skin to skin contact.
Symptoms of HPV are genital warts, cervical cancer, and more.
The virus is a sphere shape.
Human Papilloma Virus
To reproduce, the virus needs a host cell. Once the virus invades the host cell, it can either remain dormant or the host cell can continue to function normally. If it does, the virus takes over the host cell and starts to produce more viruses.
Another fact is that a pregnant woman who has HPV can pass the virus on to her offspring.
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