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Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus

No description

denise lim

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus

Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus
Change of population demographics
Fragmentation of care
Medical talent availability
Lack of community capability
Consumer behaviours/ Lifestyle
Change in community expectations

Current Trends
Patient Centered
Community Asset
Population Health Promotion
What do we want?
What do we want to offer?
Design thinking
Evidence based design
Re-image healthcare infrastructure and flow
Clinical Villages
Excellent Healthcare Outcome Through Reorganization of Care Delivery
Activate, coach and educate
Smooth transitions in between different care settings
Deliver shared care into the community
Excellent Population Health
Excellent Patient Experiences, Community Involvement & Staff Satisfaction
Relationships based on trust and experience
Over manage patient experience
Community asset
Create professional spaces
interdisciplinary working environment
Excellent Value and Productivity Through Innovation and Continuous Improvement
Innovation through design and spaces
Use of technological advancements
Manpower strategies
Straight Ahead
Transformation of Care
Blue Space
Non-specific shared clinical resources
Where a stream is running over capacity, patients can be diverted elsewhere – to speed up service and reduce redundancy
Clustering of Medicine
Project Considerations
Breaking the Norm
Acute Hospital
Community Hospital
Nursing Home
Patient Centered
Traditional Structure
Fast Medicine
“Pull” system enabled by high visibility of patient flow
Rapid patient stratification and direct access to specialist care
Designed to inspire clinical professionalism and patient confidence

Cruise Medicine
Site Information
Village Persona
Emergency and Acute Care
High intensity rapid responses
Reduce time to care
Emergency-ready, Pandemic-ready

Village Persona
Elective ambulatory care
Ambulatory care closely supported by diagnostic, procedural and treatment suites
Spaces for patient education and activation
Humanistic and welcoming design

Planned and elective care

Manage chronic conditions at home

Ambulatory services and short-stay options

Specialist and primary care physicians, providing customized diagnostic and treatment options

Re-designing patient care away from inpatient environment

outreach service and the face for ambulant patients
most ‘blue space’ educational facilities, gyms and other services
Slow Medicine
Slow medicine is about longer-term and ongoing use of healthcare services. On the whole it means residential services – but the focus should be to improve proximity to home and to keep service-intensity as low as possible. This approach helps maintain normality and reduces decline and skills atrophy.
Rehabilitative and long-term care
Integrates community and hospital-based services
Designed with a sense of restoration and healing
Eldercare Hub - Convergence point of hospital and community services
Community Integration
Sense of autonomy and family involvement

Older persons with complex medical conditions with multiple contributory causes.
Rehabilitation, maintenance or prevention of deterioration,
Organize multi-disciplinary, holistic care

Strong collaboration with primary care partners
Remodeling of emergency and urgent care
Integrate ED and Acute Medical Unit

Patient Persona?
Patient Persona?
Embed health promotion
Behavioural medicine
Integrate campus with community and landscape
gyms, rehab, pathology, radiology etc.

kitchens, FM, linen, ICT, supplies etc

workspaces, multi-purpose, education, teaching, staff amenities, public amenities

Building Orientation
Parkland Integration
Site Evaluation
Phasing / Future Proofing
Sense of Arrival
Project Considerations
Operational Efficiency
Project Information
Join us on our journey!
Healthcare Silos
Grey Population
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