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Be Batch!

For more information about Maaan team : Go to http://www.maaan.net

Amr Muhammad

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Be Batch!

Be Batch!
Maaan is The University Of Life
First Of All ..
What is Maaan ?
And Thank you everyone in Maaan team
CV Writing during the lecture and review the CV after the lecture by team members from previous installments
About Maaan sessions

1-CV Writing
2-Interview Skills
3-How to capture a job or summer training
4-Different methods for advanced search in the Internet
5-Tests are eligible for training or grant or function, such as

Getting a job or training
1. Experiences and examinations required to obtain training or job
2. Most important sites of employment and training in Egypt and the Middle East and around the World
3. Requirements of the labor market and the most important shows and dates of employment
4. Also sending many messages in the field of training, recruitment and freebies on the day Maaan on the Yahoo Group and reliable places on the basis of the views and experience of team members from previous installments
5. Also be sharing experiences and send the best websites and employment and training opportunities available in some of the major companies in the private messages daily Bgrob together on Yahoo
6. An addition to the presence of team members from previous installments and the founder of the team with Oedaoualvriv new inside job fairs to guide them and introduce them to the most important key points that must be considered to achieve the greatest benefit possible from the show based on their experiences and attitudes that they were exposed to during their attendance of the shows previous
7. There are also some data files and addresses of the major companies in all disciplines Maaan on the Yahoo Group
Tests that are eligible for training or Job or Scholarship
Prepared by...
Eng.Amr Abdelhadi
Azhar Engineering
I can no other answer make ,
But Thanks & Thanks & ever Thanks :) ....
Thank You ..
Eng/Osama Elgawdy
Maaan is an initiative of Egyptian youth to rehabilitate and raise the efficiency of students and young fresh graduates to reduce the gap in the labor market and to achieve sustainable development to them and to their community through the development of their personalities and their skills and encourage them to volunteer work and motivate them to continuous learning and the ability to search for information and the exchange of knowledge and a practical application of the exchange of experiences .
Key points in CV writing practically every part of the unit
Review CV at Maaan Dey
There are also some files on how to write a CV on the Maaan Yahoo Group
CV Writing
1. key points that must be considered during the thinking in solving these tests
2. Explain how the thinking process to resolve these tests step by step
3. Training to solve these tests during the lecture in a practical way by thinking together in solving a series of tests after explain and discuss some of the wrong ways of thinking in order to avoid falling out.
4. How to manage time in order to properly test solution as much as possible of the questions correctly in the least possible time.
5. The most important and most popular sites on the Internet and offering free samples for training on these tests
6. We also sending many messages, files and sites for these tests and the way to solve and the names of companies that require training and employment pass those tests where daily by Group Maaan on Yahoo
7. There are also some files and sites of those companies on the Group Maaan on Yahoo
Interview Skills
1- The key points that should be considered and processed by interview
2- Common questions in the interview and how to answer them
3- Also There are training on interview during the lecture.
4- Sending FAQs aboyt personal interview generally on Maaan Yahoo Group
5- Exchange of common questions and examinations require d examinations required in some of the major companies on Maaan Yahoo groub
6- There are also some private files of frequently common questions in interviews on this groub

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