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The Glass House


Allison Penn

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of The Glass House

The Glass House Allison Penn About the Architect Philip Johnson Born July 8, 1906
Helped introduce Modernism to America, as well as a few other radical architectural trends ...such as the method of incorporating both modern and classical elements into a building Sony Tower, New York City Johnson has built some of America's most famous buildings...
these are just a few.... The Seagram Building, New York City PPG Place, Pittsburgh The Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA Fort Worth Water Gardens, TX and of course.... The Glass House, New Canaan, CT Philip Johnson Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio

When he was 26, he became director and founder of the Museum of Modern Art's architecture department

Didn't really begin to study architecture until his mid-30s

Viewed architecture as an art form

He was the first winner of the Pritzker Prize, and he also won the 1978 Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects The Glass House was built in 1949, by Philip Johnson, as a home for himself.
A 56 by 32- foot rectangle of steel and glass, the house reflects the minimalist Modern style of srchitecture. The Glass House looks just like another house... Philip Johnson's glass masterpiece was built in the style of the Farnsworth House, built by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. There are many similarities...and many differences. Farnsworth House Glass House Even the interiors are similar! Glass House Interior Farnsworth House Interior It's More than just a House... Through the years, Johnson added on to the Glass House complex,
making it more of a museum than a residence. The 47-acre site contains 14 different buildings and structures by Philip Johnson, all centered around his Glass House, including... An underground art gallery a unique sculpture gallery A library... ...and a "ghost house" made from chain-link fencing And a building he called "Da Monsta" Philip Johnson passed away on January 25, 2005. His famous Glass House estate, with all of its other structures, has been made a public center and is now giving out seasonal tours of the house and its surroundings. Building the Glass House it wasn't easy... Yes!! Finally done!! THE END Sources

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