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Reliza kanson

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Pony

There are many different horse and pony breeds of the world!
This is an Icelandic pony!
Icelandic ponies come from Iceland, and they only live in Iceland! It is the Icelandic law that no Icelandic ponies are allowed to leave Iceland and if they do get permission to leave they are never aloud to come back. This is because if other horses come to Iceland they could spread a disease and if an Icelandic pony leaves then comes back then they could spread a disease. This is why the Icelandic Horse is the purest, healthiest, and most populated horse breed in the world!
This is an Icelandic pony tolting. tolting is a gate only performed by Icelandic ponies that they all learn at a very young age.
This is a Newfoundland pony!
Newfoundland ponies, also known as a newfie grows a very fuzzy and warm winter coat. They grow this special coat because the winters in Newfoundland can be very cold!
This is a mud tale. this tale hair do is used 1 for when it is very muddy out so the tail is not muddy and 2 for polo so the mallet, ball or other horses don't get tangled up in it.
Some horses have very long mane
Most horses have medium length mane
And polo ponies are special because they have no mane, it gets shaved off for the same reason the mud tail is put in, so the mallet, ball or other horses don't get caught in it because then it would get ripped out!
Polo ponies are bred in Argentina which is why they are originally called the Argentine polo ponies.
Although the Argentine Polo Ponies are not considered a breed, Argentina is recognized the world over for their fine polo horses, a cross between Thoroughbred and Criollo blood.
Polo ponies play the game polo hence the name
This is called ponying, all polo ponies are trained to walk side by side stomach to stomach so when they learn to play polo they don't have any problems with other horses coming near them so the other players can come near you to steal the ball(even though you don't want them to steal the ball) and so no one gets hurt.
This is tolting, said to be a very smooth gate that is SUPER comfortable
Ukrainian saddle horse
The Ukrainian saddle horse or Ukrainian riding horse was developed in Ukraine after World War ll because of the ever increasing demand of sport horses. They are bred from Trakehner, Hanoverian and thoroughbred bloods. breeders who laid the foundation for the ukrainian saddle horse focused mainly on using stock from the russian saddle horse breed (now extinct).
All polo ponies names end in a vowel!

The fjord horse has two layers of mane. It has black mane on the inside and cream coloured mane on the outside. They shave off the cream coloured part because fjords used to be used to pull funeral carts and black is a more depressing colour and the main funeral colour.
Fjords were also used for harvesting crops
In 1846 there was a horse called Sampson. he was the tallest horse at that time. He stood a whopping 21.2 1/2 hands high(2.2meters). Currently the worlds largest horse is called "Noddy", who's real name is Nodram standing at 20.1 hands, not quite as big as Sampson but still quite large!
Here are a couple of pictures of "Noddy"
Thumbelina is the smallest horse in the world. Thumbelina was born on May 1rst 2001, she is a chestnut mare which means she is dark brown girl horse. She is a miniature pony but to shrink her even more she is also a dwarf horse so she's a mini, mini horse! Thumbelina is smaller than most medium sized dogs, she is 17 1/2 inches or 44.5 centimeters tall! A regular miniature horse weighs approximately 175-225 pounds and a regular horse weighs approximately 1000 or more pounds, however Thumbelina ways 57 pounds!!! Thumbelina is loved by all of the other horses and ponies at her farm and loves to play with all of the horses and ponies and even the critters closer to her size, the dogs.
Thumbelina playing with one of her dog friends at the farm
Thumbelina has tiny little buckets so she can reach her little food
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