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should kids be able to work in restaurants?

No description

maria rodriguez

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of should kids be able to work in restaurants?

I think people or kids should be able to help In restaurants like serving or cleaning. If they want to work like cooking they have to work they way up in order for them to work. Also they have to work in a certain age. They can work if the boss is ok with it.
I think kids should be able to work in restaurants for they can get some money for they can help their family with bills. When I get money I don’t waste it on my self I give to my father for I can help at least a little. it also helps the parents that's why i think kids should work in restaurants.

work site
My Claim
My claim is that kids should be able to work in restaurants. They can earn money or help for free. They can help once in while or when you call them over they can help. My dad calls me when he needs some help. I think kids should help and parents give them a chance.

My evidence
The reason way I am in the stance of kids should help working is because the United States has more of its youth in the workforce than any other developed country in the world. By the year 2010, 17.8 million youths aged 16-19 will work, up from 16 million in 2000, according to government forecasts. (https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/restaurant/)
Some people should get a chance to work. Kids have talented but don’t show it

Kids working in restaurants
Should kids work in a restaurant?

I chose this topic because I am a kid that works in a restaurant. Yes, I know that kids are always trying to be helpful, but if you let them they can be helpful. I actually do easy work and climbing the ladder of succes by earning my own money.
Should kids be able to work in restaurants?
The working and getting paid. I think adults should give people a chance.
reason way I am in the stance of kids should help working is because I am a kid until I was five I started

Opponent’s Argument
Other people think that kids should not be able to work in restaurants because they are rude.The Sushi Bar, a just-opened restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Va. got ample press, even before it opened. There's no hotshot chef in the kitchen or gimmicky menu items that are getting the public talking, though. Instead, The Sushi Bar is igniting a fierce debate on the always contentious topic of children in restaurants. The restaurant has banned all kids under age 18.(http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/05/restaurant-bans-kids_n_3390414.html)

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2)Ray, B. D. (2014, February 18). shoul kids be able to work in restauraunts? Retrieved February 18, 2014, from huffington post website: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/05/restaurant-bans-kids_n_3390414.html
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