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Final Roadmap

No description

Jacob Huff

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Final Roadmap

Final Roadmap
By: Jacob Huff
Favorite Assignment/Book
My favorite assignment this year has to be reading
The Other Wes Moore
by Wes Moore. The dual perspective novel was well written and displayed both Wes's lives. They both grew up in similar environments, but in the end, their choices and influences caused two very different outcomes. Author Wes leads a successful life after attending military school while the other Wes leads a life in prison after a robbery.
The story, along with the projects and discussions, was definitely my favorite assignment in English. I loved learning about both Wes's true stories and how different decisions and influences can impact one's entire life. The partner presentation assignment was a fun and interesting way to put everything together from the novel and other assignments into one final project on
The Other Wes Moore
. After multiple discussions, reading the book, and completing many assignments on success, I now realize the true meaning of success: choice + belief + happiness + opportunity = success.
Do Over Moment

This year has been full of numerous projects, assignments, and tests. For the most part, I got through each assignment and did well, but if there was one thing I could do over academically in tenth grade, it would have to be the English IRB assignments. Each nine weeks consisted of a different project on a different book. The assignments were due at the end of each nine weeks. I always made sure to have my book read with enough time left over to complete the assignment; however, I always would put off the assignment after finishing my book. The project would then end up being due in a few days, and I wouldn't have much, if any, of it completed. One of the assignments, the fifty quote notes, was the worst. I ended up having to stay up until two in the morning the day before it was due to finish them. I never should have had to stay up that late working on an assignment. If I could do over any academic part of sophomore year, I would definitely redo how I completed my IRB assignments. Doing them in small amounts and not putting them off would have caused me less stress and more sleep.
Band Trip to Disney
ACT Results
Getting a License and a Car
TIQAs, or paragraphs with a topic sentence, introduction to a quote, a quote, and an analysis, are very helpful. In the past I have had a difficult time with writing papers and assignments, but TIQAs have made writing much easier. Having a process for writing, made it clear to me what to write and in what order. I now know to start with a topic sentence, introduce a quote, state the quote, and finally analyze the quote and tie it back to the topic sentence. This has made a world of difference in my writing. Now I am able to focus more on the content of my writing instead of the organization and process of writing. My growth with TIQAs and writing papers has grown tremendously throughout the year. At the beginning of my sophomore year, my introductions for the quotes and explanations were simple and brief. Today, my TIQAs have become more complex and detailed. TIQAs help me write papers and assignments extremely well. They have made me feel more confident when writing and have all around made me a better writer.
"Ego = 1/Knowledge"
"More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego."
Albert Einstein
~ Einstein's quote represents me in many ways. The equation represents my math strength. Math is my strongest subject in school, and it's one of my favorite. My life also revolves around this equation because I am a very intelligent person, but I do not have a strong ego. My knowledge is high and my ego is low. I live my life by keeping my ego small and my knowledge high.
Prioritize - school work, band, activities, and clubs
Don't procrastinate - do work well in advance
Make future plans
Have fun - don't let school work make my year stressful and boring
Overall Growth
Throughout my sophomore year, I have grown academically and as a young adult in many ways. Tenth grade was probably the biggest year for growth. I have grown the most in English class this year. Before Honors English II, I was an amateur writer. I lacked confidence in English, and it was my weakest subject area. After working very diligently on all of our assignments and projects this year, my English skills have improved and my ACT scores display my giant leap in English. The other subject that I grew the most in was math. Being in Algebra 2 has taught me many important math skills that I will need in the future. Both of my teachers for these subjects, and even my other teachers, have taught me countless amounts of material and have helped me grow into the person that I am toady.
Not only have I grown academically during sophomore year, but I have also grown as a young adult. Getting my permit, a car, and eventually a license have changed my life. I can now drive to school and go places by myself. I have gained independence from having a license which has made me into a more mature person. Taking the ACT and receiving a score of 31 has also changed my life. I have realized that I truly am a successful person and that all of my work has paid off. I now look at myself in a different way and hold myself to higher standards with new goals for the future.
~ "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
Walt Disney
Disney's quote represents who I am because I'm curious and someone that never stops. I am always doing something with my life. Clubs, band, and school keep me busy. Being a part of every organization and activity makes me who I am today. I open doors for myself by jumping at an opportunity to be a part of something new. Curiosity is one trait of mine that causes me to act this way. I have the desire to learn new things and by participating in different activities and striving to learn more, I am led down new paths to become a better person.
Daybook Reflection
As seen through my daybook, my growth as a writer has remarkably improved over the course of my sophomore year. Assignments became more developed, my vocabulary broadened, and my writing style became more mature. Towards the beginning of the year, some assignments, such as the
Animal Farm
characterization chart, lacked strong explanations. Later in the year, the Caesar quote notes, the identity writing, and the other me project contained more advanced writing techniques and more detiled explanations.
I really enjoyed having and using my daybook throughout the year. It was convinient to have all of my English assignments in one place, and it was fun to look back at old assignments. Some of my favorite daybook assignments have to be the other me project and the three minute stories. Overall, I really liked having a daybook, I just don't like the name of it.
The person that I am today can be symbolized by a calculator. I love math and am an intelligent person. Calculators, like myself, can figure out problems and solve them with a solution. I am able to figure out what to do in situations by logically finding the best way to solve the problem. Calculators are also told what to do by a person. Being told what to do is a something that I like. I don't like having multiple options and unclear directions. Getting stressed is another characteristic that I share with calculators. When someone inputs multiple problems into a calculator it can become "stressed" and freak out. Having many different qualities is yet another similarity that I share with calculators. We both have many abilities to perform different tasks. Lastly, calculators and myself are both very reliable and trustworthy.
10th Grade
My tenth grade year was a very successful year. I made it through the year with straight A's by pushing myself to the limit. I put effort into every assignment, project, and test that this year brought. Passing my driver's test was yet another very successful moment for me this year. I passed my driver's test on the first try. Driving for many hours and going to classes helped me succeed to get my license. Getting advanced and accelerated on all of my OGTs was yet another success. I only had to take two finals because of my high scores. Lastly, my biggest success of the year was receiving a 31 on the ACT. All of my hard work through the years has paid off, and my life will be significantly impacted because of this score.
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