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#7 Cedar Falls Weather & Packing Guide

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on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of #7 Cedar Falls Weather & Packing Guide

Cedar Falls Weather Summer Average Temperatures: 65-90º F (18-32º C) Fall Average Temperatures: 40-75º F (4-23º C) Winter Average Temperatures: 0-35º F (-17-2º C) Spring Average Temperatures: 50-80º F (10-26º C) Summer Activities: Fall Activities: Winter Activities: Spring Activities: Grill Out Photo Credit: Scot Rumery Camp Canoe Go for a Hike Carve a Pumpkin Go for a Bike Ride & Packing Guide Build a Snowman Go Skiing Go Ice Skating Photo Credit: Steve Polyak Go to a Garage Sale Explore Nature Photo Credit: John Beagle Go to a Coffee Shop umbrella raincoat pants rain boots light
sweater Congratulations! You are now finished with Cedar Falls Weather and Packing Guide. Watch the next presentation to learn more about Airport Procedures. Created by Kat Lundberg Other Personal Items Business Casual Clothes/Shoes Undergarments Glasses/Contact Lenses Toothpaste Camera Comfortable Shoes Comfortable Shoes Medicine Toothbrush Deodorant Watch or Alarm Clock Adapter for Electrical Appliances
(US Standard=110 Volts) *Note: You can find many of
these items in US stores. sunglasses light weight
clothes sandals medium
jacket long
shirt pants comfortable
shoes hat scarf heavy coat gloves boots
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