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The Boy the Who Harnessed the Wind

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Jack Wang

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Boy the Who Harnessed the Wind

The Boy the Who Harnessed the Wind
By: William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
[Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope]
Handmade Windmill
The boy who fixed and made a handmade windmill looks something like this.
1. Forbade women to wear pants or dresses above knee.
2. Men having long hair tossed in jail.
3. Kissing in public was forbidden.
4. Could not protest.
5. Many malwians tossed in jail, tortured or tossed in crocodiles
Banda, first ruler of Malawia 1971
1. Secret gang of dancers.
2. Spirits of dead ancestors resurrected.
3. When not dancing, they traveled to collect young boys to take back to graveyard.
4. Donkeys only creatures not afraid and only thing gules are afraid of.
Gule Wamkulu
William Kamkwamba
1. Poor boy in Malawia.
2. Built Windmill for electricity for family farm.
3. Fixed Radios for job.
4. Eat one meal a day.
5. Wakes up at 4 am everyday to help work in the fields.
6. Made it to the top schools but when fees were due, he had to drop out of school.

1. Known as the pope
2. He was a strong man; took down 12 policemen at the same time
3. Shows no fear of anything
4. William only saw him cry once, when uncle john died
5. Heavy alcoholic that control himself not to drink at the end.
William's Father
Uncle John
1. William's uncle and his father's brother.
2. Influenced William's father and told him to restart life by stop drinking and hand life to god.
3. Told William's father to come back to work on the farm and restart and make more money
4. Successful farmer that knew lots of secrets; having grown amazing amounts of value of crops and tobacco.
Chapter 1 Summary
William introduces him and his village and stated how important magic was to their religion. He idolized his father very much as though father undid a curse on William. Most of the village was very poor and worked on farms. Some worked as teachers.
Chapter 2 summary
This talks about William's father specifically. How he was a heavy drinker and how who loved to party. It also tells how he once took down twelve policemen at a time. Though after he gets married, eventually he did not have enough money so he became christian and stopped drinking. He built his own house for his own family.
Chapter 3 summary
It starts off with uncle john's death, where William saw for the first time his father cry. Uncle john gave the land to his oldest son Jeremiah and within years there was nothing left. William starts hunting and becoming a man, even starting to provide for the family.
Chapter 4 summary
William starts getting interested in radios; takes them apart and fixes them. He opened up his own business to earn money with his friends as radio fixers. He then realized he wanted to be a scientist and manufacter instead of a farmer. In the few years though, there was a drought and his family's farm was not doing so well.
Chapter 5 summary
So many people don't use their electricity because they were poor and it was expensive. William's family is having a really hard time feeding the family each day, with only one meal per day. William woke up 4 am everyday as everyone as starving but the president does not help at all, so the chief went to ask for help. William decided to be something more than a farmer and went to another school.
Chapter 6 summary
William's family is still eating one meal per day which was dinner and was the first time they ever ate together. In their culture, the son is not allowed to eat with the daughter and the father is not allowed to eat with the wife. William's sister gets married and his mom gets a new little baby daughter.
Chapter 7 summary
William was very dedicated because when he didn't get into the school he wanted to, other kids laughed. He eventually got in. He was poor so he had to share a book with friends. When the fees were due, William nor his family had enough money to pay. The seventy students in the school dropped to only 20 left. This shows how poor the community is.
Chapter 8 summary
This could be the saddest chapter where William's beloved dog got vry sick. He thinks that to give it food and rest would help it but the chances are very very thin, as his friends says that the dog needs to be kept out of "miserability." He decides to chain it up to a chain and leave it to die. He thinks dogs make the people stare to much, as those animals like to steal all the time.
Chapter 9 summary
All students are taking a leave because the starvation was becoming too bad. They started eating the badly needed pumpkins of the village. William still could not attend school but still did not give up his dream. He started going to the library everyday and studied electricity. He was able to build "motors" of stuff.
Chapter 10
After a quite a while of time, William eventually went back to school. He was started to catch up with the other students. He could still not pay the fees say his father asked for an extension until the tobacco would grow and start selling. He still couldn't pay his fees so he was asked to leave again. He started to focus on his windmill where he was missing the only one thing, a dyamo which his friend got him.
Chapter 11 summary
William puts finishing touches on the windmill. By now everyone wants to see it and people say its just a joke. His family stays back in the crowd and sees it for themselves. He had it hooked up to a lightbulb and everyone was amazed. His next goal was to get light in his room.
Chapter 12
William thinks of another way the windmill can be used. He decides he can charge his cousin's phone with this windmill. Then the village's people start gathering to charge phone and lightbulbs. Then he starts to store power with batteries to make the electricity longer.
Chapter 13
The chief dies and william's mother becomes very sick with malaria. The family brought her to the hospital where she did get better. William is still trying to learn at the library everyday while he could still not afford to go to school.
Chapter 14 summary
It starts off with a guy from the teacher training academy who wanted to see and spread the windmill news. The teacher brings a journalist to interview william. He had to fly to a conference and they provided him a hotel room. What made him more happier was that William was able to attend school!
Chapter 15 summary
Chapter fifteen William is at the convention where he will get some help on his presentation. He is also introduced to the internet which blows his mind and to a lot of other things that we take for granted every day. William is finally getting the respect that he deserves and starts getting donations from people so he can go home and help out the people in his village. William also travels to America and visits a huge windmill farm where he can for the first time see a windmill in real life not just a picture in a book.
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