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Investigate: Lord Dunmore's War (Ch 9)

No description

Jessica Abshire

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Investigate: Lord Dunmore's War (Ch 9)

Investigate: Lord Dunmore's War
Battle Plans
Lord Dunmore set out in 1774 to confront Native Americans.

Lord Dunmore led northern troops while Colonel Andrew Lewis commanded the troops in the south.

The two forces were supposed to meet before the attack....but Lord Dunmore proceeded hoping to catch the Native Americans off guard.

However, the Shawnee & their Chief Cornstalk had been observing their movements. Cornstalk had his eye on striking Lewis' army before Lord Dunmore could join them.
Battle of Point Pleasant
Oct 9 1774 - Cornstalk led an army of warriors

2 soldiers spotted Native American encampent while hunting - 1 killed, 1 ran back to inform others

Oct 10 1774 - "One of the bloodiest and most violent Native American battles on the American frontier"

Frontiersman had superior weapons but Native American were skilled at close fighting & hiding behind trees/rocks.

Battle lasted all day and stretched over a mile through the woods.

As darkness fell, Cornstalk ordered his warriors to withdraw.........
Scene of the Crime
Chief Cornstalk & Colonel A. Lewis
Point Pleasant, WV
Murder of Logan's Family
Fort Gower Address
Soldiers were angered by peace treaty.

Soldiers pledged their allegiance to King George III and to Lord Dunmore, BUT they also pledged that from then on their love for America & Virginia would outweigh any other consideration.

*Delivered while First Continental Congress was meeting to discuss problems with British.
Treaty of Pittsburgh
Made the terms of the Treaty of Camp Charlotte permanent.

Native Americans promised to be NEUTRAL and not help the British in the upcoming conflict.
Person of Interest:
Chief Cornstalk
Led the attack on Pt. Pleasant.

Ordered warriors to withdraw - pick up dead & injured.

Since he had been unable to defeat Lewis, Cornstalk did not believe he would be able to defeat Dunmore.

Two days later - sent message to Lord Dunmore asking for peace.
Person of Interest:
Virginia Governor Lord Dunmore
Decided time had come to DESTROY the power of the Native Americans in the West.

Draw attention away from tension with British OR protect settlers????
Treaty of Camp Charlotte
Signed by Lord Dunmore, the Shawnee, the Delaware, & the Mingo.

Native Americans agreed to give up their rights to hunt south of the Ohio River (western Virginia).

A group of settlers confronted & killed a number of Native Americans who had crossed the Ohio River to purchase rum at a tavern in Virginia - including Chief Logan's mother, brother, & sister.
The Mingo chief had been friendly with Virginia settlers before he found out about the killings - REVENGE
"Point Between Two Waters"
The Battle of Point Pleasant has sometimes been called the "first battle of the American Revolution."

What do you think?
Items to consider:
Strong spirit of independence in Fort Gower Address
British governor fought with colonists
Persons of Interest:
Lord Dunmore
Andrew Lewis
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