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Kordazone Theatre

No description

Talia Ryckman-Klein

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Kordazone Theatre

This semester I have had many new learning opportunities. I've participated in a variety of different tasks in behind the scenes work on shows as well as the work that comes along with running a theatre. (The following slides are a few examples of things we have done.
Music Theatre Soirees
With the help of my supervisor Tracey Atin, we produced three unique musical theatre soirees, one in each month from September to November. From doing this I:
Learned how to write a press release
The stress that comes along with producing a show
How difficult it is to get a group of people together at one time for a rehearsal

My Co-op Placement
I've had the amazing opportunity to do my placement at Korda, not only once but twice. I have gotten to meet and work with so many kind, talented people and have been mentored by the founder of Korda, Tracey Atin.
During my time at Korda I was able to do many things with behind the scenes of a show and what goes into running a theatre, such as:
Set painting/building (for Hansel und Gretel
Prop making
Selecting, organizing, buying fabrics and buying costumes
Cleaning the theatre in preparation for a show
Doing poster runs for shows
Writing press releases
Skills that I believe I have developed from my second time at Korda:
Moving On..
Having had the privilege to do a placement at Korda a second time I have grown and learned even more about myself and what I want to do in the future. I have gotten the opportunity to do many things that I never would have thought about trying had it not been for this placement.
KordaZone Theatre

Saying Goodbye
Although I am sad to be leaving my placement, I have taken away so much from my time at Korda. I've had so many learning experiences and opportunities and have met and worked with so many incredible people.

A big thank you to my supervisor, Tracey Atin, who has been such an amazing mentor to me, getting to witness her dedication, hard work and talent continues to inspire me. Even though I won't be doing co-op there, I hope to continue to do shows there for the next few years during post secondary.
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