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No description

Kavin Vedamoorthy

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Charity

* Founded in 2005 (and is still active) by Robert and Suzanne Wright
* Funds Autism walks and drives
* The money gathered in these activities goes to
research for finding cures
* Helps Autistic victims in a wide range of countries BY: Shraddha, Kavin, Sydney, and Camden Life is a game of chance. You can't control your luck. What is Autism? *Autism is a brain disorder
*Autistics tend to have trouble communicating and doing simple everyday tasks (such as tying shoelaces)
*They can't learn like normal children
*73% of Autistic adults don't (and aren't able to) have jobs
*1 in 88 people have Autism What does our charity do? *tries to extinguish the burning fire that is Autism
*aids the victims of the disorder
*raises awareness What is Autism Speaks? What is Autism? Stopping Autism
and aiding the victims What is Autism Speaks?
*go to autismspeaks.org
*click "ways to give", where
different ways to help are listed
*as mentioned before, your money
will go to a research foundation
*Attend an Autism walk or drive *tries to help Autistic people live normal lives
*assists them with their daily needs
*gives money for research for the cure


*each case of Autism is different
*there is not "one cure" for the disorder like there are for diseases
*the causes of Autism are still unclear Donate Raising Awareness Autism Walks and Drives *their walks are all over the USA
*All arranged by volunteers
*Money collected goes to research for the cure Some people are less fortunate than

It is the job of the fortunate to help
the less fortunate

Help now and donate to Autism Speaks
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