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Advisory What Is Love?

No description

Erica Porter

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Advisory What Is Love?

What is Love?
As far back as the Ancient Greeks, people have struggled with the definition of the nature of love.
There is NO concrete term or definition of love
It could be expressed through feelings, actions, and words......
What Does Love Mean to You?
Gay Love
Definition: Romantic love between two men.
Abrahamic Religions (i.e. Christianity) refer to this as sodomy, a crime against nature as it is unproductive for procreation.
Historical views of homosexuality has varied greatly depending on the time period and geographical location.
History of Homosexuality
Ancient Greece: "Women are for business, boys are for pleasure"
Ancient Rome: Male citizens were able to have sexual relations with other males as long as they were of a lower social standing (i.e. slaves, prostitutes, etc...), and the higher of the two was the one performing the act of penetration.
Middle Ages: Homosexuality was largely condemned.
Ancient Assyria: Homosexuality was quite common, and some ancient religious texts contained prayers for divine blessings of homosexual relationships.
Ancient Persia: Homosexuality and homoerotic expressions were largely tolerated, even in public spaces.
Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting
While same-sex marriage is legal in Canada since 2005, many of the services associated with weddings have yet to make the necessary accommodations.
Wedding Cards
Forms: Groom or Bride
Cake Toppers (Groom and Groom)
Peoples natural assumptions
Different views on Same-Sex Parenting.
Nature vs. Nurture - Gay parents make gay children.
Challenges for Gay Men to have children:
Surrogacy - Insemination vs. In Vitro Fertilisation
What is Love?
For Children and Youth who are struggling with coming to terms with their homosexuality.
Mind Map/Collage of images or words that describe their preconceived beliefs of homosexuals and homosexuality.
Through open discussion, dispute stereotypical and stigmatic beliefs through real life examples.
Will Increase the child/youths self-awareness, as well as their awareness surrounding what they have been wrongfully socialized to believe.
Non-Romantic Love
Family Love
Families take on many shapes, sizes and forms.
Families give us a sense of belonging, and provide us with lifelong connections.
Family Love is unique from other loves.
You love each other in a different way.
When family is a positive aspect:
You have a close kinship, a type of love you will never lose for one another
A huge and important part of families in today's society.
Some couples choose not to have their own children - adopt instead
Some couples cannot have children, and adoption is an alternative.
A precious gift both to the child and adoptive parents.
Love between adoptive parents and adoptive children.
Sometimes as strong as a biological bond.
Other times parents and children have trouble connecting
Difference between age of adoption?
Increase in divorce rate over the years. - also an increase in acceptance.
When couples divorce it may be for a number of different reasons.
Divorced couples may fall out of love, or may have a less romantic love for one another, but still love each other in some way.
When children are involved:
Divorce does not mean the love for the child changes.
Involvement of children can sometimes encourage a more civil divorce, however, it may also result in increased hostility over custody battles.
Often a huge part of one's own identity.
Friendships can be lifelong.
Sometimes temporary - Break friendships over an argument/fight or simply lose touch over time.
Friends of convenience - is there love here?
Love between friends:
To love someone as a friend.
Sometimes so strong, friends love each other as siblings.
Pets can be a huge part of a person's life.
"a dog is a man's best friend"
Pets can be an integrated part of a family.
Some people have pets as an alternative to children.
Can you love a pet as a child? as a sibling?
"Love isn't something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn't a feeling, it is a practice"
- Erick Fromm, 1956
Erich Fromm, 1956, "The Art of Loving"
Psychologist, Social Philosopher.
Loving oneself does not mean to be arrogant, conceited, or egocentric;
It means to care, take responsibility, respect, and know yourself.
Being realistic, honest, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, etc...
In order to be able to love others, you must love yourself in this way first.
3 Categories of Self-Love
Fulfilling our needs, wants, and being responsible for ourselves
Self-esteem, confidence, positive self-talk
Who are we? Where do we see ourselves going?
Identity, personality, values, goals
Accepting others into our lives
Surrounding ourselves by positive, happy people
Empathy, loving others
We must first take care of ourselves before anyone else.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Safety and Physiological needs come before love and belonging.
In doing this we take responsibility for ourselves and our bodies.
Then we may be able to focus on things like identity, love, sexuality, and empathy.
When we are finally able to take care of ourselves and know who we are as a person, we can begin to accept the love of other things in our life:

Surround ourselves with positive people, things, environments.
Feel sympathy & empathy for others.
Love other people as we would like to be loved
Because we love ourselves, we have more room to allow ourselves to love others.
What are the different ways love is expressed?
Create a Love is Poster........
Valentine's Day
Fun Facts about love's most favorite day....
Create a love is poster
How would you compare love to something else in your life.....
Love of thy NEIGHBOR
Love of thy FAMILY
Love of thy Pets
Love of thy SELF
Choose a neighboring class to create and exchange Valentine's cards with...
Feb. 14th
Besides pets what are some other things that you really love?
What are some different ways love can be expressed?
Random Acts of Kindness
Create a list
I challenge you to do something kind for someone today...be prepared to share what you've done in class tomorrow.
Write a note to a family member to express to them how much you love them.
What are some ways you can show your pet you love them?
Love Yourself
Looking into a pretend mirror what are three affirmations you can tell yourself?
How can you be beautiful on the inside and the outside?
Let's get ready for Valentine Day
Door decorating contest: Create your best 'Love is...' themed door. Prizes for the best door in each hall. Elective doors by the girl's gym will be included with the admin hall. Doors need to be finished by the end of the school day Tuesday, February 10.
Create a class Valentine Garland. Hang in the hall way outside your room.
Love and Appreciate for Thy Troops Overseas...
5th Annual Valentine Day Card Collection Drive for the Troops

Cards will be sent overseas, and to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. BAMC is a Trauma 1 facility for our Military. Cards are shared with patient wards, dining facility, barracks, mess halls, Fisher House, the Warrior Family Center and all through out this great facility. It is a small way to say, thank you, to our Serving Soldiers/Wounded Soldiers/Veterans.

Cards are due to either Ms. Porter or Ms. Bowen by February 3rd
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