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This presentation is developed from page 28 of WJEC AS Media Studies, Study and Revision Guide by Christine Bell edited by Barbara Connell, published by Illuminate Publishing (2012) ISBN 978-1-908682-00-0

Vibeke Fussing

on 12 September 2013

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Many media texts that exist in print form also have websites. These websites offer additional opportunities for new and existing users. Magazines, in particular, have exploited this
to extend their audience range. Consider the features used by the magazine Kerrang! to attract users.
The banner advert is directly linked to the interests of users of this site.
The navigation bar allows the user to select a range of areas including 'tickets' and 'shop'. This allows the band to promote tours and sell merchandising.
The banner headline replicates that of the print text and suggests the music genre associated with the magazine in its use of black and white and the 'shattered' font style.
The multimedia features include podcasts, a chance to download music and an exclusive video, suggesting that the users of the site will get elements not available to the readers of the magazine.
The pop-ups and tour adverts are featured on the page with the use of the imperative 'book now' to hook the audience.
The use of a dark colour scheme has connotations of more serious music. This is reinforced by the performers featured. It is targeted at a specific audience.
The user can log on to the 'noise letter' again using a pun to link to the music genre and offering interactive opportunities to keep up to date.
The main images are of performers 'in action' suggesting that the magazine had access at the festival it is reviewing and therefore is up to date with the music scene. There is a sense of immediacy about the page.
There is iconic representation of the latest issues of the print magazine.
The layout and design is 'busy' and incorporates both text and images. the copy content suggests that the user is an informed audience who are familiar with the music scene.
Media platform = This is a range of different ways of communicating, e.g. television, newspapers, Internet, etc.
What interactive opportunities are there for a website user?
Examiner tip
Ensure that when you are analysing a media text you need to have learned and then use the relevant specialist language for that text. For example, a website has its own terminology for its key features.
Bauer Consumer Media Ltd
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