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CHANGING PLACES PROJECT - Harpur Mount Primary School

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Edith Kapenzi-Chikara

on 10 April 2011

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Transcript of CHANGING PLACES PROJECT - Harpur Mount Primary School

Nadine Coverdale ... Children to use the room on an adhoc basis school staff will manage the timetabling and access to the pod original thoughts were to add to existing buildings extending into the staff carpark ...but it was decided that this would be too expensive a Holiday Club during school holidays Parent engagement Pod will have sections with specific use intended An alternative suggestion was to add an external doorway to the current Community Room to allow access without interference with the school ...again this was discounted as it posed structural problems Some of the Uses suggested for this BRAND NEW SPACE are:

a) Holiday Club – used by children during school holidays...
b) After school for various children’s activities ...
c) Courses for parents with Crèche provided...
d) Open for use by community depending on availability... Harpur Mount Primary School The space in question... a Key Contact on the project... in use at the moment CHANGING PLACES
PROGRAMME What we want... used during the day by parents it could look like this... how it was decided... kitchen Seating area possible layout or this... ...the current room has hardly got any room to move let alone sit. There is no room for a todler accompanying an adult to play should the occasion require it. Although parent needs are recognised there is just not enough time allocated as use of the room is in high demand by teaching staff as well as small parent groups. The kitchen although a lovely idea is not used to it's full potential. There is limited space and it's not suitable for activities such as cooking classes which would benefit a lot of parents/groups part of the
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