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Cebu Pacific Air

No description

miko jabola

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific Air
Brief History
Bangkok, Busan, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh, HK, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, KL, Macua, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, SG and Taipei
March 1996
November 2001
We enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve and are an active partner in the nation's progress.
Cebu Pacific Brings people together through an affordable, reliable mode of travel—a fun-filled experience that's delivered with a true heart and soul for service.
We have a deep sense of family extending beyond the airline, encompassing the communities we serve and the family we love.
Cebu Pacific is internationally renowned as the most successful low-cost carrier in the Asia-Pacific region.
We take pride in being the best domestic airline and the Filipino travelers' first choice.
We are reputed for our unparalleled genuine, warm and caring service.
We are recognized for our innovation and commitment to excellence, and we are the industry and academe benchmark for success.
We are an employer of choice, providing many opportunities for professional and personal growth in learning, egalitarian and non-bureaucratic workplace.
Our people are goal-oriented team players, empowered and disciplined, with a big sense of integrity, enthusiastically spreading the culture of fun throughout the world.
Our equipment, facilities and systems enable us to ensure consistent highly efficient levels of operation.
Marketing Plan
• Low cost carrier
• Price is 51% lower than PAL and 11% higher than
Airphil and 21% higher than Zest Air
• Online booking
• Guarantees a ‘Fun Flight’ experience
• Offers most route for day
• Excess baggage payment
• Seat Selection

Target Market
• Businesses and leisure travelers that want an affordable, fun, and no frills service.
Domestic Competitors
• Philippine Airlines
• Airphil Express
• Zest Air
• Seair

International Competitors
• Cathay Pacific Airways
• Phillipine Airlines
• Tiger Airways
• Malaysia Airlines
• Air Asia

Present Status
• Market Share of 41% (2013)
• Domestic market contributes
24.8% of Revenue
• Operates a fleet of 25 airbus
• Low Cost Carrier of the Philippines
Product Aspect
Distribution Channels
• Internet
• Booking Sales Office, Call Centers, Client Accounts
• Third-party Sales Outlet (Sales agents)
Fare and Fare Rules
• Lite Fares and Promotional Fares
• Tickets are non-refundable, non-reroutable but rebookable
In Flights
• No free meals
• Food can be bought during the flight
• Flight Shopping
• February 2, 1988 – Manila to Cagayan De Oro
• April 10, 2012 – Puerto Prinsesa
• June 2, 2013 – runway excursion
Cebu Pacific: The airline that cares
Cebu Pacific is a consistent and committed partner to the following institutions whose visions and goals it supports. From relief operations to the environment to education, Cebu Pacific gives back.
Growth and potential: Outlook for 2013
Cebu Pacific expects to expand seat capacity by 11% in 2013 and grow its fleet by 17% to 48 aircraft.
Cebu Pacific recorded 11% growth in passenger traffic in 2012 and a 7% operating profit margin despite intense competition, particularly in the domestic market.
Cebu Pacific reported on 15-Mar-2013 a 2% drop in net profit for 2012 to PHP3.57 billion (USD88 million) Revenues were up 12% to PHP37.90 billion (USD923 million) but operating costs increased by 15% to PHP35.24 billion (USD867 million).
Higher domestic loads than competitors
Cebu’s passenger traffic was up 11% to 13.3 million passengers, including an 11% increase in domestic traffic to 10.3 million and a 10% increase in international traffic to three million. But seat capacity was up 16%, resulting in a 3.7ppt drop in load factor to 82.6%.
Triple Bottom Line Approach
Profit: Economic
People: Social
“"When you arrive, you punched in your time card and when you go out you punched it again. I’ve learned how to be patient, how to handle many case like angry person some like that, how to handle different situations. With the management, it is great; we have great team effort every day. My co-workers, they are good, we helped each other to make our task easy. The hardest part is that, in some other cases, there is nothing you can do. I mean, there is no other way but that way. The most enjoyable part is the job itself; because for me, you should always love your job for your job to be easy.”
“The management is strict and balance. I like my co-workers because we were very close and became open to each other. The hardest part of the job is when there is an irritating passenger trying to demand something which is against the company’s policy. The most enjoyable is having more friends because of Cebu pacific”.
“The manager and supervisors are very approachable and friendly. You can talk to them whenever you want and you can even join in the conversation if you feel like sharing something. That’s how friendly they are but on the other hand, when it comes to safety and briefing before the flight; everybody has to be serious”.
“In Cebu Pacific, we work in unlimited hours, day and night. Firstly, the preparation from us up to the preparation to the cabin, and to reassure all catering services was right and people safety on board. We try to mix the fun and professionalism, I’ve seen different people from all walks of life, people from different cultures and learned about the beauty of each countries. The only hard part of the job is the training and when unexpected circumstances like delayed flights and aircraft discrepancies.” -Cabin Crew,former employee.
“I am working in Cebu Pacific under top serve agency. My time in is 14:00 up to 2:00 that is from 2 p.m. 12 hours of duty work in ramp. I am working rain or shine in any schedule, I am always available. The hardest part of my job is during heavy rain seasons. The most enjoyable part of my job is to finish my work with no trouble flights.”- Ramp equipment Operator
Planet: World
• Environmental/Safety
• Safety incident rate
We were not able to find the exact incident rate but here are some incidents that happened within this decade.
• Lost/restricted workday rate
• Sales dollars per kilowatt hours
• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Use of post-consumer and industrial recycled material
• Water consumption
• Amount of waste to landfill
Group 6: Cebu Pacific Air
Amarillo, Roane
Dagala, Beatriza
Jabola, Miko
Macaspac, AJ
Ng, Angel Joy
Pornel, Samantha
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