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Inventory Management

created by Bryan and Allan for SJM HWDev Group

Bryan Myint

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Inventory Management

presented by Allan Grimares Bryan Myint Why do we need it?

To more efficiently monitor the metrology due dates of equipment

To maintain organization of assets within the lab and office space

To eliminate the purchasing of unnecessary equipment

Associate users to assets to establish a sense of responsibility for items in our department

Requirements and Goals An efficient method of identifying and locating all items in Hardware Development utilizing barcodes on all applicable locations Also be able to run reports to locate equipment, see all equipment assigned to a person/area, or to view equipment that are soon due for calibration Establish a system to loan or transfer possesion of assets to different users Tools Wisetrack
Currently used in Software Department
Purchased 2 licenses as well as AppGen program

Motorola MC55 Handheld PDA/Scanner
To be used for mobile inventory management

One reel of barcodes from ID Label
Asset management right now is not as streamlined as it can be
Allan Grimares is currently in charge of keeping track of equipment due for metrology
Since there is no equipment locator, much time is wasted looking for assets
There is a need for an organized method to track our items Utilize an asset tracking program that can organize data in a custom fashion and link specific users or locations to corresponding assets
Implementation Barcoding Ordered 1000 Labels from ID Label
Placed on all locations containing assets and on assets that do not already have metrology numbers
current metrology barcodes will be integrated into the WiseTrack database
The MC55 will be the primary interface for mobile asset management WiseTrack AppGen This is the primary interface between the MC55 and the Wisetrack database on the computer

Capable of creating custom user generated programs to upload/download data to and from the WiseTrack database We are currently inputting data using the following parameters
Item barcode (HWXXXXX or M-number)
Location barcode
Asset Username
Dapartment (Hardware Dev Group)
Model Name
Model Number
Calibration Due Date Now that you have the data, what can you do?
Sort by any of the aforementioned fields (limited to HW Dev)
Generate reports categorizing assets by location, user, cal due date, etc.
Search for any specific piece of equipment
Read Only Acct - User: hwdev Password: thorthor
Screenshot of what you would expect to see Current and Future Plan Phase 1 (In Progress)
Complete inventory of lab equipment, computers, and monitors
Phase 2
Breadboards, test tools (i.e. half can fixtures)
Phase 3
Components and devices
To be used in conjunction with component storage system Thank you!! Questions? Inventory Management in Action
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