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Career Services Orientation Presentation

An overview of the benefits Crowder College Career Services can offer you as a student

Casey Owens

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Career Services Orientation Presentation

An overview of Crowder College Career Services and the benefits for you
Career Services and You
Your career is a journey and the path is usually not straight.
In order to achieve
something you must
have a plan and set a goal.
Cover Letters &
Mock Interviews
Job Searching
How many of you have a plan for your career?

How many of you plan to think about your career once you finish school?

How many of you have no clue what you
want to do?
Resumes and cover letters are an essential piece
of getting a job. Not every job will require a cover letter, but you can set yourself apart by having one.

Your resume and cover letter are the employer's first impression of you. Make them stand out and you've got yourself an interview!

We know interviews can be intimidating,
so let us help you prepare by doing
mock interviews.
Our office coordinates the Federal
Work-Study program if you are looking
for a part-time job on-campus.
If you are interested, check with Financial
Aid to see if you qualify.

We can also help if you are looking for jobs

Networking is a very valuable resource available to you as a job seeker.

What are some examples of networking?
What are some benefits of networking?
When you hear Career Services, what do you think about?
Our office assists students with getting a job on-campus or off-campus, choosing a major, or writing a resume.

Thinking about your career while you are in school can help you choose your major, pick elective classes, choose an internship, find a part time job and transfer to another institution.

If you have no idea what you want to do, we offer career advising to help you.

The most important thing to know is, it's okay if you don't have it figured out - most of us don't!
It's also okay to change your mind - most of us do!
We have a website where we post on-campus and off-campus jobs for students.
We also post positions and relevant job seeker information on our Facebook and Twitter pages
Crowder College SSC
LinkedIn is a social media site for professional networking.
Come see us!
No matter what campus you attend, we can help!

We are located in the Student Success Center on the 1st floor of McDonald Hall in Neosho.
Will your Facebook page help or hurt you in your job search?
What kind of photos do you have?
What do you post when you call in?
Do you say negative things about your employer
You can use your Facebook and Twitter account to help in your job search.
Companies post positions on Twitter and Facebook
You can use these pages to find out about the company and network.
Job & Transfer Fairs
Job fairs and transfer fairs provide students with the opportunity to meet with colleges and employers to plan your next step after Crowder.

It's never too early to think about these areas!

Some colleges and universities prefer certain courses from Crowder, so working with us in the beginning can save you time and money!
Networking in it's simplest form can be
talking to your friends about job openings where they work.
College Central Network also offers a free resume/cover letter and portfolio builder.

Or come see us and we'll work with you to customize your resume/cover letter.
So what is Career Advising?

Career advising is an individualized process where we work with students to develop a plan for
Picking a major
Picking a transfer school to continue education
Picking a career
We work hand-in-hand with our academic advisors to plan your education while at Crowder and beyond.

It's okay if you don't have it all figured out!
And now that we are talking about social media...
Don't let the "fun" you have now negatively affect your future!
Career Research Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the tools to research and gather information about a specific occupation you are interested in.

Basically it's to show or teach you how to research careers you are interested and navigate that information. Many different websites provide information like this, but it can be challenging to know what to look for.
Thank you for watching our presentation!
Watch your e-mail and look for posters about these events!
Don't forget to take our career assessments for extra credit!
We provide free career assessments to help you explore different occupations and majors.
Check your career guide for instructions to take our career assessments.

If you print off your Summary Report, you will get 10 points extra credit for College Orientation
Just Remember
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