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Nurse Recruitment at Gulf Hospital

No description

Sandy Lazuardi

on 20 August 2017

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Transcript of Nurse Recruitment at Gulf Hospital

Nurse Recruitment

Criteria for Recruitments
Gulf Hospital
Created by :

Sandy Lazuardi (201150372)
Reyhand I.P (201260240)

At Gulf Hospital
Gulf Hospital
Panel Interview
Question 1 :
Marketing Plan
Target Markets
Swiss Press
Question 2 :
Question 3 :
Application Case
One of the leading Hospital

Known for providing quality health care services at affordable prices
To became a national health care center
Providing better, faster, and friendlier care
Improving service quality
Achieving higher consumer satisfaction
Doctors and patients complained about the impatience of some nurses
Lack of cooperation
Lack of relevant experience
Problem :
Nurse turnover has been increasing over the last 2 years, 20%
Solution :
Recruit and Select new nurses
70% From referrals
10% From Website
5% From ads and Newspaper
After 4 weeks ago, Hussam, the HR Director
received 250 resumes after considering
education and experience, he is left with 100
Potential Departemen Head
Nursing degree in the country of origin & licenses from the local government
Minimum of 2 years of experience in the specialized nursing field
Flexibility & Willingness to learn new skills
Positive attitude, enthusiasm, & helpfulness
Fit with the team
Apa tantangan atau perangkap tersembunyi dalam situasi ini?
Tidak mempunyai pengalaman dalam melakukan wawancara
Kesan pertama
Salah memahami pekerjaan
Kesalahan urutan-calon karyawan
Perilaku non verbal dan manajemen kesan
Pengaruh karakteristik pribadi
Perilaku pewawancara berpengaruh terhadap hasil wawancara

Langkah-langkah apa yang harus diikuti untuk merancang dan melakukan wawancara pekerjaan yang efektif dalam situasi ini?
1. Analisis pekerjaan
2. Buat pertanyaan wawancara
3. Buat jawaban pembanding
4. Tunjuk panel wawancara
5. Bina hubungan
6. Ajukan pertanyaan
7. Catat pernyataan penting
8. Tutup Wawancara
9. Review ulang wawancara
Apakah Anda melakukan seminar crash pada keterampilan wawancara,untuk dokter dan perawat directror? Mengapa? Apa yang akan Anda ajarkan pada mereka?
Crash seminar pada keterampilan wawancara adalah metode yang digunakan
untuk membantu kandidat untuk menyesuaikan diri sebelum pekerjaan resmi dilakukan. Tidak. Karena mereka professional dalam bidang medis
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