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Risk Assessment Workshop

No description

Caroline Fultz-Carver

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Risk Assessment Workshop

Let's talk about what we mean by "risk"... How many types of risks are there? Risk Assessments are the process by which our organization identifies, measures, mitigates, evaluates, and reports on risks. We assist you in
Ranking your Risks based on Impact and Probability.
Creating a Risk Footprint We assist you in
Identifying Controls
Creating a Control Footprint We brainst rm together and... First ... Second... And Finally... Risk Assessment Workshop Risk Types: So... A Risk is...

Anything that can prevent the achievement of our organization's goals and objectives. Compliance
Reputation and . . . risks can overlap each other. So... Why are you in
this workshop? You have the expertise, skills, and experience to identify, rank, and control risks in your operational area. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Flow chart your Process You identify activites for each process. Identify
for each Process Step We assist you in identifying
Process Steps
Risks Impact means...

Effect of the risk (things going wrong) on the achievement of organizational goals and objectives Probability means...

The likelihood of things going wrong Risks you
ranked Processes you identified 5 We brainst rm together and... Identify
Activities associated
with each Process Step This is what a Risk Footprint looks like... Risks you ranked Anything you implement in your operational area through policies,
procedures, or guidelines
to reduce or prevent Risks
(things going wrong) Controls are.. Like keeping your eye on the ball... This is an excerpt from a Control Footprint... These "X"s mark Risks mitigated to some degree by a Control to the left. Activities are the day-to-day things you do to accomplish each step in your Process Risks are things that go wrong
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