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Senior Presentation

My Senior Project

Taylor Farnsworth

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Senior Presentation

Taylor Farnsworth 60 48 Freshman JV My Story Just a Freshman C-Squad Junior Year Junior Varsity Practiced with Varsity Confidence Serious Varsity Walk On Scholarship What Have I Learned... 54 UNCUT Everyday 71 33 Not as Seriously Because..... 6' 6" Try-Outs? 97 Freshmen Year 48 How it Happened Not Competitive Mead High School Basketball Golf Not a Quitter Anything is Possible Hard Work Pays Off What are my plans? +4 Years Media Arts Why? Beyond Academics Computer Science Quit? What have I learned from this place? Freshman Year Computers Teachers... IPS Sophomore Year Need to use my time wisely Junior Year Senior Year Design Studio Video Editing Computer Science? Basketball highlight video Prezi Media Arts? So...Where am i headed What have i learned about myself?? Sports Woodshop Kinesthetic Learner High school is harder Int. Comm. Mr. Chambers Mrs. Pride Visual Learner? Mr. Workman APUSH / APGOPO Woodshop! Besides school and sports... 4 Years!! 8 Hours Book Blitz!!
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