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Geothermal energy by arisa and julia

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Arisa Hashimoto

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Geothermal energy by arisa and julia

Geothermal energy
What is geothermal energy?
How does it works?
1. Water that is heated from deep underground (Magma)
will come through the pipe as steam

2. Steam spins the turbine which
is connected to generator

3. Power goes to generator
and will create electricity

How does it works?
4. Electricity sent to for uses

5. Steam cool down and back to water

6. Water pumped back into
the Earth and repeat the same
Alternative energy that is
generated and stored in the Earth

Compare to fossil fuel power station,
it won't create as much of green house gases

The fuel won't run out

The price won't rise
Thank you for listening to
our presentation !!

Impacts on environment
No need of fossil fuel

Low production of
carbon dioxide

Collect the energy that was
used to build the building
in a year

Volcanic gases sometime
contain CO2
Positive side
No public nuisance
Alternative energy
Energy is purely made in that country
No worry of running out of energy (heat)
No effects by the seasons
More volcano, more electricity can be made
Negative side
Impacts on hot springs and the view

Many of proposed sites are near hot springs, Quasi- national parks and national parks

Weak support from the government and the country
The world's geothermal power plants
Power plants in Hacchobaru, Japan
It creates 10,000kW
Heillisheidi Power Station in Iceland
- World largest
It creates 303 MW
No impacts for
human health!
Geothermal heat pump
It uses the heat that is relatively low temperature in shallow part
of the underground compared to geothermal energy
Efficiency (Capacity factor)
20 %
Mainly the heat in the ground is absorbed from the sun energy and not volcanic heat

Used at heating or cooling the houses
Efficiency is higher than air-conditioner
Can use places where air-conditioner can't be use
Reduce impact to urban heat island
Less amount of CO2 creation
Reduce the sound created

• Cheap, relatively safe
• Low boiling point compared to water
• If the pressure and temperature underground
is low, this is used instead of water
• Used in Binary cycle

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