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Little Princes by Conor Grennan

No description

Hillary Lemus

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Little Princes by Conor Grennan

Little Princes
by Conor Grennan
About the author
Key information about
Little Princes
Most of the book took place in Kathmandu and Godwari, Nepal. It also took place in the U.S.
Main character
The main character of the book was Conor himself for narrating the whole thing while taking this trip.
Central Themes
Grennan has learned many lessons throughout his trip. He has learned that this generation takes everything for granted opposed to the children of Little Princes that cherish all that they have. Many children are selfish and do not care for others. However, the kids in this book do and have a very big heart that all of us should have. The lesson he wants us to learn is that you have to be thankful for having friends, family, and a home. Not everyone has a family so we have to be grateful. The kids in this book take care of each other like they are family. It is important to be kind and caring to each other because not everyone deals with the same issues. Some people have it worse than others and we should not put them down. This relates to the saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover,' because you can not judge someone just because of the way they look. If they wear different clothing maybe it is because they can not afford big brand names that everyone can. If they are religious we have to respect that. To make fun of someone that covers themselves for their religion is not right in any way. Just because some people have everything in life does not mean they should feel superior to others. Enjoy that time you spend with your family because it will mean a lot in the future. If not, you most likely will regret it.

FOR ONLY $10.84
(price applies only Barnes & noble and Amazon)
Conor Grennan graduated the University of Virginia. He is a citizen of both the U.S. and Ireland. Grennan left EastWest Institute, his job to go on a trip around the world to Nepal to volunteer and help children. Only to find out that the children were not orphans instead were taken away by child traffickers. Child traffickers promised to keep them safe but instead did the opposite. Then, he created the organization Next Generation Nepal.
Many times in the book he would focus individually on each child
Grennan with some of the precious kids of Nepal
Why read this book??
It will inspire you
It teaches you valuable lessons
This book makes you reconsider that fate
"I took the path leading back to the main road and Godawari. I was going to find a way to make a difference for the kids in Nepal. Just not this way. Then I saw her." This passage of the story shows that fate was a big part in this book. It was so unbelievable to find out that just when he was going to give up and go back home for that one day he had found her. He had found Amita. Conor had found one of the seven children that were lost when he returned to the United States. Nepal is huge and it could have took so long to find her. I was so surprised and happy at the same time.
Gives you insight about what happens around the world
The author provides a lot of information of villages in Nepal. This can teach you how different the way things are in this country vs ours. "Poverty was everywhere; Most villagers were fed by the World Food Programme. There was no electricity, and houses were one room huts. There was virtually no medicine." This was surprising and a lot to take in, in only a few sentences. The author was even surprised places like this still existed. It is important to know places like this do in fact exist.
Very determined to accomplish his goals
"We would search the hills and mountains of Nepal, in some of the most remote regions in the world, until we found the families of trafficked children." That is exactly what he did.
Grennan goes hiking in the mountains of Humla, Nepal to visit all of the children's families
Conor is the co founder and runs (NGN) Next Generation Nepal
He told the kid's parents how great their children are and brought back pictures and letters of their families
He searched for the seven kids that were taken away by child traffickers and risked his life to find them
Grennan returned to Nepal as he said he would and kept his promise to the children
Risked his life to take care of children during a bloody civil war in Nepal
Child Trafficker took parent's money for themselves and lied that they would keep the children safe
He now lives in Connecticut with his wife, Liz who he has two children with, a boy named Finn and a girl named Lucy.
I never thought anything like this story could possibly be true. Everything about it is amazing. Conor Grennan started out by leaving his job to go volunteer and help children. How many people do you know would do that? As he was in Nepal, learned so many things from the children. Grennan was inspired by these children and they changed everything for him. As times were tough for him he always figured a way to solve the problem. For instance in the story, there were seven children who were supposed to be put in a house that was safe for them but instead they were taken by Golkka, the child trafficker. When he received the email as soon as he returned to the states, he was furious and wanted to go back to Nepal. Then, he realized he had to make money before he went back so he created a nonprofit organization. "...NGN would be the first organization to not only stop trafficking in Nepal, but try to reverse it." This could motivate you and other people to do what he did and start an organization or something similar.
He can motivate you to do a lot of traveling just like he did in the story. Everything that Grennan does sounds interesting and fun. You could definitely tell he was never bored because he always had something to do to keep him occupied. In the story, he states, "I bungee-jumped in Peru, became a licensed paragliding pilot in Bolivia, learned to windsurf in Vietnam, and rock climbed in Thailand." I could not believe that he had done all of that and more in all these different countries. This inspired me to want to travel more often.
Through out the book, the author learns a lot of lessons. The reader learn quite a few things too. Nepal is very different from the United States and Grennan clearly creates that difference for a reason. For example in the book, he writes, "Children take care of each other." However, in the U.S. this could be different because children now a days only worry about themselves. This especially goes for teenagers. We are considered selfish and spoiled. We get what we want and still are not satisfied.
A lot of people do not know the difference between needing something and wanting something. For example, you do not need the newest IPhone. You want it. You do, however, need shelter, food, and water. Not everyone can say they have a home and yet most of us have all that and still complain. This book made me open my eyes and realize that we should never take things for granted.
Conor with a child from the orphanage
"It was Gyan: he was calling me to tell me he had found four of the boys. I was ecstatic." Yet again this is luck for him. It is almost as if he earned good karma as an effect from all the good things he has done for the kids. I did not think fate was real until I read this book.
The author speaks about his journey
Despite all that these kids have been through a lot they do not let it get it bring them down. They have been forces by child traffickers to march in the mountains and were taken from their parents. Not to forget that whenever volunteers came they just left the kids and never came back to visit. They are very strong little kids. Grennan called these kids 'survivors.'
"Dasain in is the most important Hindu festival of Nepal..." "Per tradition, each family, even the poorest, would slaughter a goat for the festival." This gives the reader an insight to what Nepali traditions include and how interesting some can be.
Here the men have a goat preparing for the next step in order for them to follow their tradition.
"My workday began when the children went to school, which was just about every day." This shows Conor was very determined to find out how to get to Humla and find the parents of the children. He would work even after the kids went to bed. He would have to contact a lot of people on the way so he would not get lost and they could lead him to the right places.
The house of Little Princes in Nepal

Trails in the mountains of Humla.
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