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All About Me

Introduction of Caitlin Smith to the world of EDAD 980

Caitlin Smith

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of All About Me

The Journey of Caitlin Smith Born 1986 in Amarillo, Texas Dream Career My first word was "agua" even though now, my speech resembles nothing of bi-lingual.
Moved up to Lincoln, NE when I was 2 because my maternal grandpa was sick.Jumped around from different extracurricular activities while growing up. Including ballet, tap, jazz, piano, volleyball, and bellydancing.
Attended elementary school as a RAM at Rousseau Elementary
Attended middle school as a Scott STAR
Attended high school as a Knight at Southeast
Went to Midland Lutheran College (Now known as Midland University) for an undergrad degree of Psychology.
Worked with student development and involvement as an intern for 3 out of the 4 years I was there.
Fell in love with higher education when I became a Community Advisor and wanted to pursue it in the future for my career.
Fell in LOVE Undergraduate Experience Dated the love of my life for four years before the question was popped. Now she is my fiance and we are getting married in MAY!
Spent 4 years figuring out the best possible way to get a job in higher education. It put me back at attending school and attaining my MASTERS, which I am almost done with!
Recently applied for and got accepted to be the new residence hall director at Doane college for the fall (2013).
Even though my position does not start till fall, I have an internship with Doane for this semester in the diversity department.
Life after undergrad Get married!
Attain Masters degree (Higher Education Administration with a Student Affairs Concentration).
Work at Doane College for at least 2 if not 3 years to gain work experience and to save money.
Get a Drug and Alcohol counseling certificate.
Research/Create a study on LGBTQ communities within higher education (ways to make it safer, more acceptance, etc. within the higher education realm when dealing with students).
In 4-5 years start having kids (love kids! for now, we have 2 pups for our children)
Goals Working with first year students in some capacity either working with a first year seminar program for orientation, or working with a learning community.
My Fiance Crystal and Me Me with my Delta Tau Family Gracie &
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