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Lauren Allen

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Writing


Cities and Maps

Chance Diemer
1. Sinhue a type of literature

2. Made the calendar

3. Made papyrus

4. Hieroghlipics, Egyptians alphabet
1. Water source; The Nile River

2. Major cities Memphis, Abydos, and Thebes

3. Buildings made of mud bricks

4. Had places like temples, tombs, pyramids, and personal houses

Dakota Davis
Jean LaBass
1. Needed authority to be leader

2. Ruler needs more than power

3. 99% of Egyptians live by the Nile
Job Specialization
1. Scribes responsible for teaching

2. Builders made tombs and temples

3. Servants runed wealthy house holds
1. 2686-2181 BC
The Old Kingdom

2. 2040-1782 BC
The Middle kingdom

3. 1570-1070 BC
The New Kingdom
1.Egypt has over 2000 gods
2. Priest control the nation
3.Believe that alot of animals are
1. Farming
Social Classes
2. Slaves
3. Soldiers
1. Hieroglyphs invented .

2. Demotic and hieratic developed

3. Scribes preserved ideas written down inside tomb walls
That concludes our Egypt
project. I hope you learned a lot
from this prezi. Is there any
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