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LA project

No description

Hanna Hwang

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of LA project

- Smart phones, Wii, PlayStation, Nintendo, X box, etc.
Childhood: FUN & PLAY
- Games and toys lost in memories.
- Flashback of childhood memories
Duck, Duck,

- played in elementary school
- simple, active, memories, educational, and fun
- suburban style
- ranch style
Types of doll houses
- like the houses lived in
Early 2000's style doll houses
- plastic doll made by Eliot and Ruth Handler
- named for their daughter
- average of 8 dolls per girl (popularity)
The "Pluto Platter"
- used to do an exercise, play a game, training, or toy for a dog
- from Pluto Platter to Frisbee
- adapted to sports
like.. Frisbee Golf and Frisbee Football
Characteristics of Frisbee
- aerodynamic design
- light weighted
- plastic disc
- sail long distances
- requires strong flick of the wrist
- unique, extraordinary toy
Rules of Duck, Duck, Goose
- attractive accessories, clothing, and hair styles
- girls unfamiliar of Barbie
- played in parties, home, and school
- wanted to play in class time to waste time
Hanna Hwang
How to play
Popular toys and games
Late 1900s ~ Early 2000s
Hanna Hwang
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