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Entrepreneur Evaluation

No description

Yamil Guzman

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Entrepreneur Evaluation

As time goes by, I will start to notice the small details. Just by the way I look at things I will change little by litte. I need to start to challenge myself, go out and relax for a bit, I need to organize my time just to have free time. This will help me find my way to the treasure.
General profile
My Motivations
Motivations are factors that determine behaviour. They are the underlying reasons that induce someone to act.
My Aptitudes
Aptitudes are natural inclinations, competencies, abilities. Certain aptitudes predispose someone to be an entrepreneur.
My Attitudes
Attitudes are made up of perceptions, our feelings about something. They are judgements we make, ways we look at things.
Entrepreneur Evaluation
determan my behavior. I am above avrage.
determan my ability to do certain. I am above avrage.
wil determan how I feel about something. I am on the avrage.
My neeed for achievement/success is on the avrage, but my self-sufficiency/freedom is on the low. This tells me that i need to work on my time mangement.
As you can see, I can't really handel my stress. The stress is difficult, but the stress helps me movivate myself to try harder and keep moving forword.
I sometimes underestamate people based on their attitude. This gives me the extra boost because I know I can do better than that person
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