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Chemistry Alternative Assignment

No description

Hanson Thans

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Chemistry Alternative Assignment

Chemistry Alternative Assignment 2010 Goh Shao Jie
Lim Kang Le
Nitcharee Nitinavakorn
Soo Yun Jing
Tay Han Shen
10S7E Alternative use of eggs as facial cleanser Egg Yolk Egg White Blackheads No blackheads What are Blackheads ? Blackheads occur when oil blocks the facial pores Blackheads on the skin caused by oxidization of air on the oil blockage of pores Organic compound
Hydrocarbon chain is uncharged and does not form hydrogen bonds with water Insoluble in water
Hydrophobic Hence, water is ineffective in removing oily, organic soilings (such as blackheads) on its own What are Proteins? Made up of sequence of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds Sequence is coiled, pleated and folded into functional 3D conformation Held by hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds and disulphate bonds What are Proteins? R group of amino acid is variant
Can contain hydrocarbons or charged groups
Hydrophobic Hydrophilic Depends on R group So Why Eggs? Egg white contains a high proportion of proteins which are made up of amino acids Proteins in egg can be denatured by beating the egg white Thermal agitation provides energy to overcome hydrogen, ionic and disulphite bonds holding proteins together Denatured protein (protein unfolded) is amphipathic Due to many different types of R groups from the amino acids So Why Eggs? Denatured proteins are emulsifiers polar and charged R group form hydrogen bonds with water Unchanged R group form hydrophilic interactions with organic compounds Water is able to bind to the soiling via these amino acid chains Blackheads can be easily removed by light scrubbing During the experiment... After the experiment... References http://wallpapers.free-review.net/wallpapers/21/Culinary%2C_best_quality_Wallpapers_-_fried_egg.jpg

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