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Nevada and New York

Asian Triad

Daniel Chen

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Nevada and New York

Election Year, 2012
Nevada and New York History, And the Road Ahead Demographics Major Industries Political Strategies Current Polling Industries NY NV White-66.2% Hispanic- 26.5% Black-8.1% 2004 2012 2008 2010 Midterm 2000 2004 2012 2008 2010 Midterm 2000 White-71.5% Black- 17.5% Obama Romney NV NY New York Nevada New York Nevada ` Hispanics- 18% Finance, communications, International trade, publishing, fashion, farming & tourism Tourism, mining (gold and silver) & hydro-electric power Senate 50.85% House Republicans+1
(1 Dem, 2 Rep) Unemployment
$2,163,309 Campaign Finance
Highest Foreclosure Rate Hispanic Population
Three visits in 2012
$1,439,402 Campaign Finance
Immigration Reform
Nuclear Waste under Yucca Mountain 66.3% NY Senate NV House Republicans+6
(21 Dem, 8 Rep) $30,027,331 Campaign Finance Asian Triad $18,237,370 Campaign Finance
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