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Land Art

No description

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Land Art

{Land Art}
Land Art
Inspired by minimalism, conceptual art, cubism, and de Stijl
"Earthworks" at the Dwan Gallery in NY, 1968 was first exhibition.
Robert Smithson
Piet Mondrian
Earth drawing of a Hummingbird
Desert Breath
landscape and the work of art are closely linked

created in nature, using natural materials, organic matter, and water with other materials such as concrete, metal, asphalt, or mineral pigments
Equilibrium Stack
Michael Heizer
born 1944 Berkeley CA
early pieces consisted of moving vast but precise quantities of soil
The City
Levitated Mass
Andy Goldsworthy
January 2,1938-July 20,1973
Characteristics of Land Art
Andrew Rogers
Works Cited
Made "Spiral Jetty"
In Great Salt Lake,Utah
-Born in Passaic,N.J
- Does Land art
made in 1970
"Broken Circle"
made in 1971
made in 1971
made in 1973
Uffington White Horse
Born July 26, 1956 Cheshire, UK
Went to Bradford College studied on Art & Design and Graduated in 1975
He attended a presentation by Richard Long. Long's presentation on what was known as "Land Art", building installations that shape earth, wood, water or other natural elements into works of art
"Each work grows,stays,and decays"
-Andy Goldsworthy
Rowan Leaves & Hole
Before the Mirror
made by Woven Bamboo Windy
Makes ephemeral sculptures in the landscape which he then captures in color photographs
Andy believed that his works belonged to the environment that they were created in, and were only his to borrow.
In North Pole on 24 April, 1989 he built four large snow arches titled "Touching North", which gained him some renown.
Made by Saliva and Chunks of Snow
In Goldsworthy’s work Woven Bamboo Windy he uses the repeated line of the bamboo to create what is a beautiful sculpture in it own right.
inspired to assemble his first natural sculptural piece...
"Touching North"
Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, England
Vik Muniz
Bunijil, 2006, Australia
Siren, 2009, Turkey
Also know as "Earth Works"
Uses the surrounding environment
Shapes environment, to become environment
Cannot own original
2 main types of land art ; representation of the environment, representaion of somthing else.
Australian Land artist
Globally recognized
Created the Biggest Land Art ever
Born 1962, Australia
Brazil, 1961
Known widely for his art using "quotidian objects "

Mother and children, Pictures of trash 2008, Brazil
Irma the bearer, Pictures of trash, 2008, Brazil
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