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Women's Rights

Culminating Activity - Civics

Sabrina B

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Women's Rights

By: Hajara & Sabrina Woman's Rights What is Woman's Rights? Well let's start with personal views...
what is your definition of woman's rights? The ultimate goal for the United Nations is to achieve world peace
Headquarters located in New York City
Replaced the League of Nations because they couldn't prevent World War II What is the United Nations? Politics During the whole nineteenth century, women had no political rights.
Do you realize we've never had a female president or prime minister?
The attitude back then was woman should stay home and take care of their husbands, but all along women only wanted one very basic right... the right to vote.

In 1918 that right was
granted and twenty years later (1928)
woman were given the same political rights as men. Education Employment Did you know... There are multiple subtopics under Woman's Rights...
Selective Abortion
Violence "And since we all came from a woman/
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman/
I wonder why we take from our women/
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?/
I think it's time to kill for our women/
Time to heal our women, and be real to our women/"
- Tupac Shakur By Google's definition...
Women's rights is: Rights that promote a position
of legal and social equality of women with men. Knowledge is power, so why are a lot of girls still uneducated?
Girls make up for more than 50% of those 75 million children currently denied primary education.
Females form the majority of the 776 million illiterate people worldwide. What is an Non-Government Organization? A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group Organized on a local, national or international level Task-oriented and driven by people with a common interest to tackle a goal Where does this issue primarily occur? Even though we have equal pay now, back then because of the culture of the time, very few women were skilled in any obvious profession and there were very few jobs that paid well during the nineteenth century.

"Equal pay" is more than just your paycheck though, it's also overtime pay, bonus plans, life insurance, vacation time/pay, and
other benefits. “When women are not paid fairly,
not only do they suffer, but so do their families.” United Nations Non-Governmental Organization Selective-Sex Abortion Ability to bring world leaders together to speak about an issue Selective sex abortion is when parents abort a baby because of the gender (terminate female pregnancies in favor of having sons).
Sex selection abortion is more common among immigrants from India, China, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines
65% Indian woman in the United States from 2004-2009 showed 89% of them terminated pregnancies with female fetuses
It happens in North America in numbers large enough to distort the male-to-female ratio in some ethnic groups

"The solution is to postpone the disclosure of medically irrelevant information until after about 30 weeks of pregnancy"
- Dr. Kale (A Mumbai-born neurologist.)

But that would require the understanding and willingness of women of all ethnicity's, but would that really stop the patients from going to a private doctor and finding out anyway? Ability to bring community members together and talk at schools, community centers and hold conferences Ability to persuade countries to change laws and views on an issue Violence and Abuse Violation of a woman's right to physical integrity, to liberty, and all too often, to her right to life itself
Violence against women is a violation of human rights that cannot be justified by any political, religious, or cultural claim.
One in four women experiences domestic violence at the hands of an intimate partner or family member in her lifetime. Ability to bring communities together by organizing protests, petitions Canada's role
Canada is apart of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and was one of the first to sign
Canada participated in the development of the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action in 1993 which declared "women's rights are human rights"
Canada also played a key role at the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing

Canada also has a federal government agency responsible for promoting gender equality and women's rights called Status of Women Canada How can we help solve this problem? Donate to Charities by fund raising
Sponsor a girl
Report Abuse
Volunteer at women shelters
Start/Join a school club that deals with this problem (i.e. Girl impact @ porter)
Join social media groups
Educate others Interesting fact:
In 1839, a law passed which stated that if marriage broke down and the parents separated, children under 7 years of age should stay with their mother. Interesting
In 1857, a women could
divorce husbands
who were cruel
to them Interesting fact:
In 1870, women were allowed to keep money they had earned. Interesting fact:
In 1891, women could not be forced to live with husbands unless they wish to WHAT ABOUT YOU?
(TRIVIA TIME) In what year did women get the right to vote?
a) 1928 b)1924
c) 1918 d)1879 What year could women divorce their husbands?

a)1816 b)1870
c)1857 d)1839 What could you do to help make a change in Women's Rights and get involved?
(You can say something we listed) What was the name of the lady who went against all odds and qualified as a doctor?
(Hint: her initials is: E. G. A)
and Sabrina spoke about her Who do you think is doing a better job? The End!
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