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No description

Caitlyn Sherman

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of THE LOST HERO

Three friends Jason, Piper, and Leo go on a mission to save the whole world as they know it. They don't know it yet but they all have special powers and they're going to need them.
Leo has a way with tools which comes in handy in some tough spots. For example, when Piper and Jason where about to be eaten by cyclops, Leo hardwired the mechanical arms of a machine to destroy the cyclops. Leo has a sad history and has been running away since his mother died when he was a kid. Some people call his powers of controlling fire a gift, others beg to differ.
Jason has a problem, he can't remember anything. Apparently, he had a girlfriend named Piper, and a best friend named Leo. He was with a camp for "bad kids" and doesn't even know why. He was on a field trip to the Grand Canyon where he learned he' s a demigod and has awesome powers. While he was at the Grand Canyon he fell in and right when he was about to hit the bottom he closed his eyes expecting to die soon. But when he opened his eyes he found that he was flying!
Thalia Grace
Hera is the greek goddess of marriage. In this story Hera is being held by Gaea who is using her power to revive their deadliest enemies. Hera is important in this story because she took away Jason's memories claiming it would help him on his journey.
Coach Hedge
Coach Hedge is a faun/satyr. He is
aggressive for someone who is retired. Seriously, he keeps running around yelling, "Die" whenever he fights monsters. Anyway something interesting about fauns/satyrs is they're goat on the bottom and human on top. Which means they'll eat almost anything. Coach Hedge is important because he taught Leo, Jason and Piper to fight and to survive.

Gaea is the goddess that started it all, and now she's back. Jason, Piper, and Leo are on a mission to save Hera and stop Gaea and her children from taking over the world.
Piper has been having some really weird and scary dreams.
The giant in her dream is telling
her to betray her friends or he will eat her father! At first Piper was going to trick her friends, but around halfway through the story Piper told her friends what had happened and they took it
surprisingly well.

Main Character' s
and Jason
6.Coach Hedge

Thalia is the child of Zeus and the older sister of Jason Grace. Her story is that she had three friends Luke, Grover, and Annabeth. Then a cyclops came and chased them. After a while, Thalia told them to go, but she stayed behind. When the cyclops killed her, her dad made another way for her to live. Zeus turned her into a tree and her tree is a barrier so no monsters can get into Camp Half-Blood and so no one would die the same way she did.
Thalia Grace
By Caitlyn Sherman
Festus is a giant metal dragon!
Crazy isn' t it. Anyway, Festus at first
didn' t have any wings, then Leo found him. When Leo had to go on a mission with his friends Leo was in charge of getting them there. So what Leo did was he made Festus a pair of huge metal wings. Festus is pretty important
because they wouldn't be able to their destinations in time if it wasn't for him. They would have gone by foot the whole way there.
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