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Meyer Lemon: Hybrid or GMO?

No description

Jiyja Anderson

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Meyer Lemon: Hybrid or GMO?

Meyer Lemons Quirky Facts Nutritional Facts Gen. Info jj Meyer Lemons are a cross between a "true" lemon, and a mandarin orange.
Native to China, it was introduced to the United States in 1908 by agricultural explorer Frank Nicholas Meyer who collected a sample of it on a trip to China.
A sweeter, less sour version of the lemon, the Meyer lemon tree was commonly grown in China as an ornamental tree.
Gained popularity in America as an edible during the California Cuisine Revolution, and through Martha Stewart's usage of it in some of her recipes.
As a result of its climate, California currently has the highest American production of Meyer Lemons.
Can sometimes ripen with an orange tint.
Rounder than a true lemon.
The pulp is a dark yellowish color.
Contains up to 10 seeds per fruit.
Have a thin and smoother skin than that of the ordinary lemon.
During the mid-1940s it was discovered that a vast majority of the Meyer lemon trees being grown were carriers of the Citrus tristeza virus, thus they were banned in the US to protect against viral spreading.
In 1973, a new virus-free Meyer lemon tree was created and accepted by the USDA for production.
Although many believe it to be a genetically modified fruit, it is in fact categorized by the USDA as a "natural" hybrid fruit.
Has a highly perishable nature, so usually found at local Farmer markets when in season.
Martha Stewart is called the "Fairy GodMother" of the Meyer Lemon.

A single Meyer Lemons contains (according to the USDA):
4 grams of total Carbohydrates (1g of which is sugar)
1 gram of dietary fiber
1 gram of protein
19% of the daily requirement of vitamin C
1% of the daily calcium requirement
Are full of antioxidants
Are believed to keep you cool, refreshed, and "collected" while purifying your stomach.
by: Jiyja Anderson Citrus Fruit Diagram
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