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Derrick Martell Rose

No description

Cody Shaw

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Derrick Martell Rose

Information Full name : Derrick Martell Rose
Nick name: Pooh
Born : October 4th, 1988 ( 22 years old)
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinios
Nation: American
HT: 6ft3
WT: 190lbs Did Derrick go to college? Yes Derrick did go. Derrick went to Memphis. He was there for only one year and that year was 2007-2008. Draft
Derrick Rose was drafted in 2008 in the 1st round, 1st overal by the Chicago Bulls What high school did Derrick go to ? Derrick went to Simeon Career Academy (Chicago,Illinois). He graduated in 2007. What team does Derrick Rose play for? Derrick plays for the Career Highlights Although Derrick's career is still young he has made some big achievements. Such as...
NBA Rookie of the Year (2009)
2x NBA All-Star ( 2010- 2011)
NBA All-Rookie First Team (2009)
Skills Challenge Champion (2009)
He was also the youngest M.V.P in NBA history. Family Derrick has three brothers named Dwayne, Reggie and Allan. He also has his mom named Brenda. Derrick also played basketball in the AAU for the Mean Street Express, coached by Reggie Rose ( Derrick's brother)
The websites I used were drosehoops.com
pictures from : bing.com and google images.
Thank you for watching my presentation.
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