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Deserted Island Scenario

No description

Himani Boury

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Deserted Island Scenario

Laws and Regulations
The island will be a democratic island, where everyone on the island will elect 5 representatives. Anyone can apply to become a representative and must get voted in. The representative will be changed every month. If there are people or groups opposed to the idea of democracy and representatives, they will not get voting privileges or the benefit of their opinion being heard in the law making process.
Laws of the Island
Work Laws
Miss a meal
Doing unpopular work
Isolation in an area
If misconduct is serious, exile or execution
Collecting wood
Building (Tents, Huts, Boats)
Making Tools
Law Enforcement Team
The plane has crashed and now it's up to the survivors to make this a civilized island. Laws and regulations are made to create a safe, structured, liveable and a working environment. There are a lot of things that are needed for survival such as food, water, and shelter.
Crime and Trial
For smaller/ minor problems: The person accused would be presented in front of the representatives and 5-6 members of the jury. The jury are the people whom have been on the scene of the crime. The representatives will decide whether accused is guilty or not guilty. If guilty, the representatives will decide on the punishment without being biased. The jury will be there to make sure everything being said is true and everything is being run fairly.
Deserted Island Scenario
Himani, Peter, Gavin
Law Enforcement
There would be a law enforcement team which will secretly be decided by the representatives . The law enforcement team would change when the representatives change. The law enforcement will be responsible for keeping their identity secret and catching anyone breaking the laws of the island.

Everyone needs to complete two different tasks, alternating every week, then changing tasks every month
Work in assigned teams for tasks
Must cooperate, and work together with each other and be safe during their shifts to meet the required goals by the end of the week.
General Laws
Ration of foods
Stealing food is forbidden
Be respectful of others
Physical and Verbal assault is forbidden
Everyone must trade or share their items amongst the people on the island.
Killing someone or harming them is a serious crime
Vote for a few representatives that changes monthly
How Laws will be passed
The 5 representatives will decide on the laws and they would get approved by the people on the island. For the law to be passed, it needs to get 60% of the vote.
If a law doesn't pass, the people can give opinions to improve the law and have a re-vote.
Examples of a law being passed
Suppose the 5 representatives introduce a law that applies a curfew
for 12 am.
But people have different opinions on this law and don't want it. The people can decide not to vote on the law, but must give the representatives a legitimate reason why.
Potential Problems
1) Someone is not skilled enough to carry out the task and fails to complete the goal.
Potential Problems
More time will be spent on jobs collecting food by those in favor of more food. Once other tasks are done, or extra time permits. Also the person who's being greedy will have finish their tasks on time and complete their goals, also have to help collect food; their ration will be lessened as well.
5) If caught stealing or causing harm to other people or supplies, or is physically assaults or verbally assaults someone.
They must ask their team members to teach them the skills and the team members must help each other to complete the goals at the end of the week.
2) Team members are not cooperating and are not working together to help their team members.
They would be breaking the island law and will get punished, also will have to do the entire task by themselves.
3) Gets greedy because they are not satisfied with food rations
Potential Problem
You will be put on trial in front of the whole island, and the representatives. The representatives will decide what will happen. The punishments could be no food for 2 days, extra labor, etc... The representatives will have to all agree on the punishment and decide if the accused is guilty or not
4) Refuses to share supplies and help others.
Supplies will be taken away or will be encouraged to share.
Crime and Trial
For severe crimes: Everyone on the island will be present and the representatives will be present as well.
The people and the representatives will decide if the accused is guilty or not guilty. More than 60% of the people have to agree with if the accused is guilty or not. Also the whole representative must decide if the accused is guilty or not. Then the punishment will be decided by the representatives.
Leisure Activities
Story Telling
Hide and Seek
Sky watching
Creating constellations
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