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on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of japan

Geography region: Highest point: Lowest point: Longest river: Largest lake: East Asia Mount Fuji Hachiro-gata lake biwa Shinano river population: 127,650,000 in 2012 Culture Culture Japanese culture is very
ancient. In japanese culture
there is food, clothing and
special events. Culture Food Japanese food is one of favorite many unique foods.There are Like sushi, desserts, and main dishes. SUSHI: salmon roll and many cucumber roll sushi is made out of sticky rice, seaweed, , more. and any ingredients you like. DESSERTS:dango, and mochi dango is a skewered dessert made out of rice flour,water, and Mochi is a japanese ice cream with a sticky consistency. MAIN DISHES: sauted vegetable noodles, lemon chicken,spicy chicken, and more to be discovered. CLOTHING WESTERN western japanese clothing
is called yofuku, say
"YO-FOO-KOO". which is
a normal pair of jeans and
a shirt. JAPAN Traditional JAPAN JAPAN Culture Government Japans government Traditional clothing in Japan is called wofuku. japan is called Wofuku . Say "WOO-FOO-KOO". Wofuku is a traditional Japanese Clothing that wraps around the body at least several times. Special events is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the Emperor is very limited . Japan has a prime minister just like us in CANADA. But we also don't have a Emperor like in Japan,we use emperor in the older times as well. Japan has also many important special events. Here are some listed! Special events January 1st-
new year February 14Th-
Valentines day May 5Th-
Children's day November 3rd-
Culture day November 23rd-
Thanksgiving day December 23rd-
Emperors B-day December 24Th-
Christmas February 3rd-
Beginning of
spring the worlds Flavors and variates to be discovered. flavoring. Technology Technology Japanese Technology is very powerful, mostly when they make most of our cars, kitchen appliances, and gaming electronics. The cars that are made in japan are: LEXUS, Toyota, Scion,
Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, and Acura. Kitchen appliance brands that
are made in japan are:Toshiba, Thermador, Samsung, and LG. The gaming electronics made in japan are: PlayStation , and
Nintendo. Tourism In Japan They have a Disney Castle just like in California and in Florida too, many tourists that visit Japan are also attracted to the famous
hello kitty, also known as japans
tourist ambassador!! Hello kitty's first appearance was in 1974, created by the famous sanrio company. and was also originated in Britain. Economy Japan has a currency, many imports ,
exports and import and export
partners. (look down below) Exports: $800.8 Billion (2011)
Export partners:
-USA -Taiwan
-Honk Kong -South Korea Imports: $794.7 (2011)
Impport partners: -China
-Australia -Saudiarabia
-South Korea
-Uae -Indonesia Foreign aid Japan helps many countries in need,
just like when japan needed help during
the earthquake.Japan helped poor countries
or countries in need:
-Thailand -Vietnam
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